Friday, October 05, 2007


Ugh. I am sick. I have a headcold, which would be swell if the weather was cool and rainy, as it should be on October 5. When I said I wasn't ready for autumn, I didn't mean it should be record-breakingly hot well into October (92 degrees today! 92!). Enough already, I want tea and chicken soup, not shorts and sweat.

I'm hoping to clear the sewing queue this weekend...I cut out a twirly dress, a minky robe, and a wool coat for Daughter today, and I have a corduroy dress cut and ready to stitch as well. So my hands are shot and my Ginghers are smokin', but everything I've had planned to sew for fall is ready and waiting. Just have to slam some DayQuil and rev up my Bernina. And try not to drip snots on everything. Ew!

Have a good weekend, all. Hopefully I'll be here on Monday with a clear head and some finished garments to share.


Anne said...

Funny how some experiences are the same on both sides of the Atlantic - I'm sat here with a tissue to stuff up my nose to stop drips. But some experiences are different - it was sunny here today, but only warm, not hot - a perfect October day in fact.

Get well soon.

Karen said...


to see it all done.

Kudos to you for sewing sick!

Kyleen said...

De-lurking here to say boy, I know how you feel..It's been hot where I live too and I have my first whopping head cold in years. Has not been fun in the heat and humidity to say the least.

Thanks for the wonderful tutorial on strip-piecing. You make it look like a piece of cake. I will now have to try it after years of avoiding the process. Thank you for the time and effort you took to put such a detailed tutorial together.

Hope you are feeling better!