Tuesday, October 16, 2007


The setting: I am eating cereal at the kitchen table. Daughter is meandering around the kitchen, making demands.

Daughter: Mommy! I want to watch Dragon Tales! Put it on!

Me: Sweetie, I am finishing my cereal. I will put the TV on when I am done with my breakfast.

D: Mommy! Dragon Tales! PLEASE!

M: Honey, it's not even time for Dragon Tales yet. Please let me finish my cereal now.

D: WAAAAAAAH! Dragon Tales right now mumble cry mumble cry...

M: Honey, it's just not time yet. A few more minutes. Please stop crying now.

D (walking away toward family room): oKAY Mommy.


D: WhatEVER.


Karen said...


It has begun. Oh yes. It has begun.


HangerMom said...

I still remember the first, "And I was like, ..." from my eldest. It's here. And it won't go away for about 20 years. Enjoy! :)

Ruth said...

It begins ...

Pam said...

Let me officially welcome you to the world of raising daughters - you have now arrived!