Monday, October 15, 2007

monday monday

Ok, I took out the controversial parts of my post from last week. It was starting to turn into a discussion of what should or should not be worn to church and that was totally not my point at all, so I removed those things. Those who read it know what I said, those who come to it later won't understand the comments already in place but I don't care...I'm not interested in igniting a firestorm of religious issues on my little craft blog!

This was a totally stressful weekend - but in a good way. My two younger sisters came to town to attend a dinner in honor of my dad, and one brought her mucho serious boyfriend with her. Now, in my younger days I bought such a parade of losers through my parents' door it's not even funny. When I brought Hubs home for the first time it wasn't any big deal...just another dude to meet. (Luckily he turned out to be a winner!) But my sister has never once brought anyone home. She was never the type to waste her time, so she has waited pretty patiently to meet a great guy, and it seems she finally has. This was stressful for them, I'm sure, but for us also, because we wanted to make a good impression on him and make him feel welcome in our family, since it looks like things are heading in that direction. My little sis! Probably gettin' hitched! Yikes! I can't take it!

Then last night was Hubs' company award banquet and dinner. I can't say too much about what he does because it would easily give away the company he works for, but suffice it to say many, many young people work for the organization - teens and early 20s make up a large chunk of the employee base - so it was an interesting evening of being one of the "old" people in the room. This is the first one I've attended in the 4 years Hubs has worked for the company, and wouldn't you know it, this is the one all the other department wives skipped. So it was all these guys from the IT department and me. Mmmmmmkay! Fun! Luckily I have at least briefly met all these guys before so I was able to chat with them, and they were all very nice to lay off the work talk and include me in the conversation.

Exhausting, though! Long weekend. Lots going on.

Because the banquet went so late last night we left Daughter with my parents, so I have today to do whatever I want. I slept in till 11:00 (!!!) and now it's just so quiet. I think I'll take myself out for coffee and perhaps browse the craft stores. I haven't had a whole day off since Daughter was born. This is gonna be nice!


Karen said...

Oh brother. I'm so sorry. I am pretty sure that my comment sparked the whole church issue. SO not my intent!!!! My big, big, biggest apologies, Kate.

Bizzikid said...

I hope that you enjoyed a lovely day to yourself. As to the other, it too will pass...