Monday, October 01, 2007

back to normal

Well, it sure feels like the day after Christmas around here. Biiiiiiiiiiiiig weekend...big letdown once it's over.

Everything went as well as it could have. There were a few mishaps (apparently the mother of the bride burned a hole in the veil while attempting to steam it...right before the photographer showed up), but it all came off just fine in the end. The bride was so beautiful she didn't even look real...she was radiant. Handsome groom, adorable ringbearer and flower girl, the works. My reading went great and I actually got lots of compliments, so that was nice for my ego.

The bride walked down the aisle to "Looking Through the Eyes of Love" sung and played on guitar by the church cantor. He had a beautiful tenor and just recalling it makes me tear up. So light and lovely for a sunny, warm wedding day.

Here are the 4 "siblings" - sorry for the blurred faces but it is out of respect for my hubby, his bro, and the bride. Also, I am paranoid about internet weirdos. Obviously, hubby is the tall one on the left, then me, the freaking gorgeous bride, and my bro-in-law. Looks like the bride and I have the same taste in jewelry. Pearls are always classic and pretty, don't you think?

And check out this incredible cake:

It has a fountain in it! How cool is that?!? Each of those layers is covered in fondant, and all those concentric circles are made of different shades of fondant. Wild!

So it was good. We are tired. Just laying around here today munching junk food and drinking coffee, and doing major laundry. It's amazing how much laundry and mess there is after 3 days of hardly even being home.


Pam said...

Have you ever worked with fondant? It's actually really fun and you can make some of the coolest cupcakes, cookies, cakes with the stuff. LOVE IT! That cake is amazing.

You can totally tell the guys are related - they look so much alike:) ha ha, couldn't resist:)

Enjoy your coffee, you've earned it!

Karen said...

You look great! Blurry face and all!!!

Glad it went well and that it was a fun weekend for you and the fam.