Friday, October 19, 2007


I am having one of "those" weeks. Just lots of stuff happening around me but none of it directly concerning me, so it's like I'm standing still in the middle of a maelstrom.

I have complained here about my in-laws, which I probably should not but come on, a girl's gotta vent. Well, my father-in-law suffered a small stroke on Monday (he seems ok though) and has pneumonia which has led to sepsis. Hubs has been doing his best all week to shuttle his mom back and forth to the hospital (she does not drive much more than 3-4 miles from her home in any direction) while still going to work and trying to spend time with me and Daughter. They make it difficult. Wednesday night his mother started a fight on the way home that led to her screaming and swearing at him and now we're not speaking to them...again. It is all so stupid. We have no idea if his dad is even still in the hospital or what. They are 60 and 55 and just about unable to care for themselves anymore. What are we to do?!?

Daughter and I have been butting heads all week. It's getting old.

I feel terribly unmotivated today. It's dark. It's dreary. I've been halfheartedly scrounging around for a fall scented candle to light to cheer me up, but I can't find one. I'd go to the craft store and procure one, but getting my kid to go potty, put her shoes on, and get out to the car is way hard these days.

I barely feel like moving from the couch. Bleeeeeeeehhhh.

Hopefully I will rejuvenate this weekend and be back with something fun on Monday.

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Carrie said...

Sounds like a tough week. I hope things improve soon and that you can get some rest this weekend and feel better soon!