Tuesday, November 14, 2006

scratch that

Ok, nevermind that last one. I think I got it. I decided it couldn't be that complicated and just sallied forth, starting chart B over before chart A was finished. It seems to be right.

Soooooooooo dark and dreary today. It's the kind of day where no matter how much cleaning and straightening you do the house still looks like a dingy, drab mess. Bleh.

Hope it's nicer where you are.


Karen said...

That was exactly what my house was like yesterday! It felt like dusk for the ENTIRE day. I lose all energy and motivation on days like that.

Pam said...

The wind was sooo bad today I was sure the tree would come through the front window. Needless to say the sun never even tried to appear! No sun, no need to get dressed - pj's for everyone!

I was just at Karen's site and the sweater set you made for her is beautiful. It looks so soft and fuzzy.