Sunday, November 19, 2006

another quality post brought to you by insomnia

Well, Thanksgiving part 1 is over. It was fine. Turkey, dressing, blah blah blah. Here is a tip for any of you who are living with a smoker: hanging one of those tree-shaped car air fresheners in the family room to try and hide the smoke smell does not actually hide the smoke smell. In fact, it just makes it hideously obvious that you are trying to hide said odor. Particularly when it is the "new car" scent. Good heavens. We have been home for hours and I still can't get that smell out of my nose.

Anyway, the dress was a hit!

See? Even cuter when modeled by my wee one (shoes are Buster Brown, for anyone who might be interested in that).

I'm a little hyper tonight. I was in bed already but got up because I'm in that state of bug-eyed, spastic know, where your brain can't stop flipping from one thing to another and you feel all nutso. So you're getting the results of it, internet friends, because no one else wants to talk to me at 11:30 pm, including my husband who is snoring away. This is a strange feeling for me because I can almost always sleep on fact, hubs teases me about the fact that I just about always fall asleep before he even comes in from brushing his teeth. Seriously! I'm a super-sleeper.

But not tonight. Which is stink-o-rama because I have so much to do tomorrow. The ironing pile is threatening to attack, the bathroom is approaching a 3rd world level of dirty, I need to go shopping for something to wear on Thursday because nothing in my closet fits me, the walls in the back hallway are spattered with ick from the dog shaking herself off when she comes in from her daily constitutional so I have to scrub those, not to mention the floor back there where we toss our shoes...and we're out of milk and the furniture is dusty and there's unfolded but clean laundry everywhere and oh my goodness I am out of control.

The funny thing is, none of this will make any sense tomorrow.

I guess I'll go google ex-boyfriends or play internet scrabble with some other insomniac. Pleasant dreams, ya'll.


Ann-Marie said...

oh, i was up too, until 3am.
knitting, watching silly movies.
i just couldn't sleep and when i finally felt tired, could not believe it was 3am...

Pam said...

I'm a lifetime insomniac, so I feel for you! Some of my best work is done late at night when everyone is in bed and the house is so nice and peaceful. However, I have this freakin' internal alarm that goes off at like 5 am regardless of whether I have to be up or not, so - it's just a vicious cycle!!!!

You could totally sell those at a craft fair. For whatever reason, courdory is a holiday fabric for kids clothes. Check out some nearby churches or women's groups and maybe they could hook you up with a couple dates just to try it out and see. Maybe even Ebay? You just never know.

HangerMom said...

This post cracked me up because (a) I LOVE those shoes - I'm totally going to have to find out where to buy Buster Browns; (b) I, too, am a super sleeper, so when I can't fall instantly asleep it kills me, but I've been having a lot more of those wired-brain nights lately; and (c) I, too, would have listed off all the things that needed done tomorrow without considering doing a single one of them right then. Too funny.

That dress is adorable. I may have to make Marianne some dresses soon because I can't find any that aren't full on floofy Christmas numbers in the stores, and the two jumpers she has are getting a little too much airtime at church week after week.

Karen said...

That made me laugh.

That DRESS! I have to make one.

Love the shoes too. I have such a weakness for little girl shoes. Search "l'amour shoes" on eBay. They're my current favorite little girl shoes.

Caren said...

LOVE the dress! Totally brings back memories when my Mom sewed most of my clothes.

April 1930s said...

Kate, would you believe I actually THOUGHT OF YOU and your daughter on Thanksgiving Day? As I was getting my daughter all dolled-up in a pretty dress, I thought, "ohhh, how fun, Kate gets to dress her darling girl in a Thanksgiving dress today... she's got to be so proud." Thanks for commenting on my blog. Have a blessed week.