Saturday, November 18, 2006

hooray! and also, phew!

Hooray for Karen of The Big Trade-Off! She brought forth an 8 lb, 10 oz miracle on Thursday. I am on pins and needles waiting for a photo of the little guy. According to her mom and sister, all went well. I probably checked their blogs 50 times on Thursday waiting for the news. I'm not a freaky stalker, really I'm not. I was just so excited for her!

And speaking of pins and needles (ooh, check that segue), I swore I was not sewing/knitting/crafting for the holidays this year, but that, apparantly, is like telling me not to breathe. So I'm now mired in the middle of 5 sewing projects. Two are dresses for Daughter (one for Thanksgiving, one for Christmas), and three are flannel pj pants for my mom and sisters. See, I went to Old Navy yesterday to get a birthday gift, and while I was there I cruised the little girl stuff. They had the cutest wee corduroy dresses with coordinating tights. I was sorely tempted, but I put
back the cranberry dress and striped tights, because I figured I could go next door to Joann Fabrics and do it up even better than store-bought. For $10 less than the price of one dress and tights at Old Navy, I got all the stuff to make two dresses. Most people don't find sewing to be economical these days (and for the most part, it's not) but you can still save and be really creative when sewing for kids!

And after a cutting session yesterday and a sewing session today, I have one dress done! Phew!

Yes, this is the same jumper I have made about 6 times. It's an awesome pattern, what can I say? I have it totally memorized now so I just cut and then fly through the stitching. I hit a snag when I realized I had traced one of the facing pattern pieces incorrectly (I trace them onto pattern paper so I don't have to chop up the original), but that was quickly remedied. I'm such a spaz! Anyway, it came out even better than I expected. Here's the info:

Pattern: New Look Kids #6578
Size: 1, but I cut it to the size 3 length
Fabric: Fine-wale brown corduroy (16 wale, maybe?) from Joann Fabrics, 5/8 yard; facings are orange fall leaf pattern calico from a quilt shop
Embellishments: "Favorite Findings" Falling Leaves buttons, purchased at Joann Fabrics (but you can get these in most craft or fabric stores)

I originally planned to sew the leaf buttons in a cascading pattern down the front of the jumper, but I couldn't come up with a pleasing arrangement. I took a cue from a cute Gymboree shirt Daughter has that features little heart buttons sewn across the front, just above the hem. I used two red leaves for buttoning the straps, and then sewed the rest in a symmetrical pattern across the front. I LOVE IT!! I am so pleased with this little jumper. No wonder I keep making it over, and over, and over...

The colors look way better in real life, so I'll try to get a photo of Daughter wearing it to show it off. I'll probably have the opportunity tomorrow, when we head out for Thanksgiving part 1. My mother-in-law decided last year to have her own Thanksgiving on a different day, because her sons both had other dinners to attend on the actual holiday. It works out nicely because we don't have to run from one house to another and eat two turkey dinners. I don't even know how we would accomplish that with Daughter needing a nap. I guess we would have to alternate years, which we have offered to do, but she insists on doing it this way. Well, ok. We're game.

The only bummer is a selfish one on my part, because my father-in-law is a chain smoker (indeed, he has asked us to bury him with his cigarettes and no I'm not even kidding), and now the dress will be stinky. He doesn't smoke while we're there but still. You know how it goes. I suppose I'll just have to wash it and pray all the buttons hang tight till Thursday. I think I sewed them on securely enough.

Back to the machine...Christmas is coming!


Morning Glory said...

Thanks for all your support during this time. You are a really special person to Karen.

That's an adorable dress and I love what you did with the buttons.

Karen said...

Hi!!!!!! I'm back!!!!!!!!! Thanks again for such a nice message!!!

Loooooooooooooooooove the dress and buttons. I might copy you.

April 1930s said...

You are always so fast, Kate, at your projects! It amazes me how you can get them done so quickly, efficiently and BEAUTIFULLY... and so many!!! I love it! You are incredibly talented! :) Lovely words about Karen... very touching to see the bond you two have.

Pam said...

Love, love, love the dress! Those buttons totally make it and it does look just like something you would buy from Gymboree.

My hands are sooooo cramped from holding paint rollers and hammers and chisels (no bow saw - yet) that I hope they will still have enough fine motor skills left in them to sew for the holidays!!!

Jenn said...

So cute! I love the leaves at the bottom!

Ramona said...

What a cute dress! Thanks for the great idea.