Wednesday, November 08, 2006

morning thoughts

First of all, is anyone even remotely surprised that Britney is divorcing Kevin? Nope, I didn't think so. I just hope she invested her teen-queen money because I don't know how she plans to revive that career. And now she's raising 2 kids alone. Goodness.

Apparently I have nothing better to do than to worry about celebrities and their marriages.

On the home front, here is my child rearranging the refrigerator:

My kitchen is really not that dark and dingy, it's just hard to take a photo into a lit fridge. This was taken seconds before she lifted a large glass jar of pickles...and dropped it. Onto the floor. Where somehow, it did not break. And I said, out loud, "oh, thank you God!" because I truly did not need to mop up broken glass and pickle juice this morning.

And here is Adamas...almost finished!

It doesn't look like much, but it's getting quite large. I have 1/2 of the last repeat to finish (5 rows) and then the 12 row edge chart. The problem with lace like this is that each row gets progressively longer. At this point I have well over 300 stitches on the needle and each row takes at least 30 minutes to knit. I'm antsy to get this off the needles so I can see it - I think it's going to be quite lovely when finished. I'm finding this to be very addictive and have been planning which shawls I want to knit next with the laceweight I received for my birthday way back in January. It's just such satisfying work...and possibly the best part is that when you're finished, you're truly finished. If you splice the yarn together properly when you join new balls, all you have to weave in are the beginning and ending yarn tails. Awesome.

Well, I smell something unpleasant whenever Daughter walks by, so I guess I'd better go attend to that. Can't wait till she can use the "pah-tee" (as she calls it). The bigger she gets, the more disgusting the diapers become. You know.


Teresa said...

LOL, rearanging the fridge? Mine goes in there to pick out what she wants to eat! as for the diapers, yes it does, but when I put her on the potty chair last night, she GOT UP, went to the bathroom rug, and PEED on it. This is going to be a battle.

Anne said...

You know, it's the wierd thing with potty training - you think it'll never work - you have visions of having to go along to change her at school when she's 4, 10, 16... and then all of a sudden it's done, and apart from the very occasional accident there's no looking back.

It will come, I promise!

Ruth said...

I'd like to say I could totally tell what you were knitting, but .... I can't believe I guessed correctly! I love the color. It's going to be beautiful.

LOL on the refrigerator-rearranging. My kids loved doing that to my mother's pantry. She could never find anything once we'd gone.

HangerMom said...

My youngest likes to "set the table" from the fridge. So if her sister opens it for her (thankfully she can't quite pull it open on her own) I'll come in to find all the condiments on and around the dining room table and the door of the fridge empty. Good times!

Jenn said...

Adamas looks lovely!

Karen said...

My youngest likes to help herself to the fridge but she doesn't shut the door. I'll walk in who knows how much later and find it just gaping open, the milk is getting sweaty. It's nice.

I always love seeing the projects.

"Grandi" said...

You probably should have included "or interested" after "remotely surprised" that Britney is divorcing Kevin! I am constantly amazed at how much time and energy the gossip media spends on the lives of the rich and famous! I do feel sorry for those little babies - nannys will raise them I suppose, because Britney with her new figure and haircut obviously has much more planned than being a loving mommy!