Monday, November 06, 2006


Oh my gosh, again with the busy, busy, time to blog.

We live in an older house (1945-ish), which has a yard full of maple trees that were planted in the stone age. They are HUGE and they drop so many leaves it is absolutely unbelievable. I mean it, I didn't think this many leaves existed in the whole world, much less my yard. We have been blessed with some gorgeous weather today and it will continue to be warm (50s) all week, so I've just been a raking fool. Other than tomorrow, when I have an appointment, I will be out there cleaning up the yard every day this week.

There has, however, been knitting in the pm hours. Eagle-eye Ruth guessed it right the other day when I posted a purple lacy blob - I am indeed knitting Adamas. I have 2.5 repeats left of the main shawl body (out of 14 total repeats), and then the final chart for the edges. I should have it finished up by the end of the week, I hope. The only problem is that all the yardwork is roughing up my hands, making the laceweight yarn catch. In a perfect world I'd have my own personal yard crew
to do all this raking crap for me, so I could just knit full time (well, other than watching my kiddo, of course).


Pam said...

I just noticed your new subtitle up there. I love that verse. Very fitting.

So many leaves, I'll bet you can get some great shots of Daughter in those huge piles. My kids always love jumping into a good pile of old leaves:)

tam said...

YOU have been biz zay I should say! WOW! Knitting, whacking, sewing, sawing, raking, packing (leaves) and hauling...

YOU are THE WO-man!

Now I need to go take a nap for you!

You go Kate!