Friday, October 06, 2006

life in the breakdown lane

Ok, so the past week has just kicked my ass. It started last weekend with a HUGE fight with my husband (all is fine now) and ended today with - hooray, oh joy, oh happy day! - PMS. Yeah, kind of forgot about that since I haven't really experienced it for like, 2+ years.

It was just one of those weeks where every day brought another round of misery. I kept thinking, "tomorrow will be better!" But tomorrow turned out lousy too.

My car battery died, and the hood was stuck shut. I mean it wouldn't budge, not even for my husband who is quite big and strong. He finally got it open and used jumper cables to fire it up again, but then we were afraid to close the hood for fear it wouldn't latch properly and this might
happen again. So we waffled for several days, wondering what to do, which means Daughter and I sat in the house, grounded. Finally I lost patience and just closed the dumb thing. So far it has been fine but you never know...

We came home one night last weekend to find a small flood in the bathroom. The cold water supply line to the sink is totally leaking. Awesome! Cause we're totally rich and can afford a plumber. Oh, and the kitchen sink, which we had re-plumbed in the spring to the tune of $300? It's leaking again too. I think that is covered for a year, so we'll surely be calling the company to send a guy.

Hubs and I both had eye doctor appointments on Wednesday. Bleh. He said neither of us really needs new glasses, but Hub's are shot - between the stupid dog chewing them and the baby bending them he really needs new ones. And he is so blind he needs those coke-bottle lenses,
and to get the good lightweight ones that don't look like coke bottles, we have to pay pay pay! Hate you bad eyes! On the bright side, I will finally get new contacts (after like 5 years of wearing the same old pair).

Oh, and speaking of the dog! Guess what? FLEAS!

There have been several more annoying things but whatever. Plus PMS. Plus my due date would have been right about any day now, so that's kind of hard. And Hub has the avian flu, I'm pretty sure, so he stayed home today, hacking and sneezing.

I have had NO TIME this week to do anything. No paid work, hardly any fun stuff - only what I have managed to squeeze in before falling asleep on the sofa at night. I hate weeks like this. Next week will be better. It has to be.

I somehow managed to do this:

(sorry, you know how I feel about the full-on face shots)

Denim jumper, as promised. It's totally cute and has contrast facings. I'll take a photo of it by itself soon. She wore it to church last week with a little shirt underneath, and tights and buckle shoes - ADORABLE! We go to a rather casual church (mass is held in the student union at a local college), and we let Daughter wander around a bit. She ended up standing in front of the musicians, wearing her sunglasses, dancing, and rocking out with the little Chicken Shake one of the guitar players gave her.

I look to things like this to help me remember my blessings, especially in the midst of such a crappy week.


Karen said...

Yes. That definitely wins the award for a very lousy week. Next week can only look up. I hate it when things all hit at once.

Daughter is ADORABLE. I love that sweater.

Pam said...

I call those charlie brown weeks. Each day I wake up and think today will be the day I kick the football. But Nooooooooooooo, I go to kick it and it gets taken right out from in front of me and I wind up on my butt, in the dirt, again....ugh. Definitely a charlie brown week.

Here's to a better week.

jess said...

You didn't have any time to do anything, but you managed to whip up a darling little denim number for your daughter? You are quite amazing.

I hope this week goes much better than the last one.

tam said...

It seems like a whole heck of alot of us in cyber-world has had similar weeks? What is this?

The dress is way cute and I am tagging onto Jess's "managed" to get this dress done?'re good!