Saturday, October 14, 2006


Did you all see us on the news? What a mess! No time to blog...gotta go start clearing branches out of the yard.


Kristi said...

YES! I even posted about it on my blog for the last two days! I rarely miss the Buffalo weather, sunny So Cal has it beat by a mile. EXCEPT when there are snow days and blizzard like conditions. Enjoy the playing in the snow. It is too bad about the damage, but make the most of it and go build a snowman or make snow angels before it all melts with the warm temps this weekend!

Happy Snow Fun, Kristi

Karen said...

I saw it! I wondered how you were all faring in it. Yikes!

Ann-Marie said...

nice to hear from you...hope you are doing well.
did you lose power??
parts of canada were hit hard as well--state of emergency etc etc.
nice to see you are okay.