Thursday, October 12, 2006

get it? get it?!?

Lots of bloggers are talking about Halloween costume ideas for themselves and their kids. We are not "doing" Halloween this year because my kid is only 1.5 and also we have approximately zero kids in our neighborhood who trick or treat. So we'll be sitting inside with the porch light off and having a regular old night on the 31st.

BUT, I will share with you an excellent costume idea that my college roommate and I used one year. We may or may not have been drunk when we came up with it. Here it is:

We wore sunglasses and carried sticks, and made t-shirts that said, "Kiss me, I'm Venetian!"


Anne said...

It took me a moment... I love it!

Pam said...

Classic!!! Thanks for such a great laugh!

Ann-Marie said...

ha ha
i love it!

Teresa said...

Lol, I was slow.. took me a few minutes of looking at the computer, going HUH? before I got it. Lil bit got dressed up last year,and was taken to both sets of grandparents for kicks. However, we have the sci fi con in early Oct, and she gets dressed up for that. Might as well use the costume more than once.

pacalaga said...

OH MY GAWD, that is awful in such a funny way. Thanks for the chuckle.