Monday, March 06, 2006

slight improvement

Starting to feel a little better...due to crippling stomach and intestinal pain (think twisting knife) we are pretty sure this is not good ol' morning sickness, but rather some sort of bug. The pain is ebbing, and I've just been sleeping when Daughter does. Other than being a little gross from lack of showering, I'm getting better here.

Obviously no crafting going on. :(

Off to sip more ginger ale and broth. And slurp popsicles, which my darling, darling husband will be bringing home tonight.


Karen said...

Sooooooooo sorry to hear how under the weather you are. Hope it tapers off soon!

HangerMom said...

Oh man. That sounds like what I had the weekend before last, and all I can is sorry. Hopefully you'll feel better soon (cause you can only live so long on broth).

Ruth said...

I hope you're feeling better by now!