Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A little warning would have been nice...

So the kid and I are sitting on the couch this morning, reading books in our pajamas as usual, when the doorbell rings. We are not expecting any visitors or packages, so that's weird. I scoop up the child and answer the door, and it's a man from the water authority, here to read our meter.

Well for heaven's sake, the sink is packed with dishes (dishwasher was running last night so the dinner dishes never made it in) and our breakfast detritus is spread all over the table and counters. I am in all my greasy-haired, no bra, glasses-wearing, barefoot glory. And there is a strange man in
my house. And the water meter is under the kitchen sink due to the weird construction of our house (and the fact that it has no basement). Jeez. I am so embarrassed. Couldn't they have somehow warned their customers that a meter reader was coming? At 9 am? I would have at least put on something besides baby-food splattered pj pants.

So. That's that.

The following is not for the faint of heart. I have received enough feedback on the sockapaloooza socks to know that my feeling was right - the lace pattern has to go.

here's where we were yesterday

first needle coming out

two needles out

no more needles...time to pull



Oh well. Better to rip and start over than to continue on with a project that sucks. I think I may go with a rib...like a 3X1? I was going to try to salvage the 1X1 ribbing I already had but figured by the time I got the needles back into all 60 stitches I might just as well spend the time starting over. This is to be a short sock, so what do you think? Shall I start right in with the 3X1 rib, or do an inch or so of 1X1 first?

I want to point out that I have made a billion socks, but never to anyone's specifications. Typically I decide I'm making socks for myself or a recipient of my choosing, and they get what I feel like making that day. But I'm all nervous to make socks for a stranger. And also, I feel compelled to make something "special," as opposed to just a basic ol' sock. Which is probably dumb, but I see so many people making such gorgeous socks for their sock pals, and I don't want my recipient to think I'm some sort of loser slouch who can't make a fancy, pretty sock. It's just that I LOVE a basic sock, for its look and for its rhythmic knitting qualities. It's tv knitting, waiting-room knitting, mindless knitting at its finest. But I'm really nervous about disappointing my pal.

Of course, she will probably be more disappointed if I don't finish socks for her at all, so I'd better stop whining and start knitting.


Scoutj said...

It's totally stressing me out to make these socks for a stranger. At least mine doesn't have a blog so she can't complain in public about it! HA!

Jenn said...

I understand the stress too - my pair for the swap last year were just 2x2 rib and my angel pair were simple stockinette. I think that they (should) will be appreciated just for having someone do something nice for them! Although I don't know if my simple rib were appreciated as my pal never mentioned their existence....not to dissuade you!

Karen said...

I just really want to learn to do this. I want some cool socks.

Ruth said...

You're not alone in the stressing .... I'm right there with you. The yarn I chose is pretty bright, so I'm going with a basic ribbed sock from "Knitting Vintage Socks" ... and I hope they're ENOUGH.

I'd do some 1x1 on the top of your ankle sock. I hate having a short sock slip under the edge of my shoe.