Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Random Stuff

I will probably have a photo of the princess quilt later this morning. Thanks to those who commented with excellent suggestions!

Please go give Beth some support, as her beloved cat has passed on.

It is totally snowing like gangbusters here. It's March 22, so I'm all done with winter now. I guess Mother Nature didn't get the memo. This is, thankfully, light snow...unlike this time last year when it snowed buckets of wet, heavy mess that brought a neighbor's tree down into our yard. The tree is still there because our neighbors suck. We'll be removing it ourselves this spring, I guess. But we're totally tossing the cut pieces back into their yard.

We've got Daughter's birthday party pretty much under control. It's only going to be about 8-10 people, and it's the day before Easter so it'll be low-key. We're just doing a cold cut platter with fresh rolls and toppings, potato salad and probably fruit salad, and some cake and coffee. Done. This will undoubtedly disappoint my mother-in-law who wants a theme, lots of decorations, and probably also a pony. My decorations will most likely be a little happy birthday banner and some matchy cups and plates. Done and done.

Do any of you watch The Shield? Or have husbands who make you watch The Shield (that would be me)? If so, did you watch the season finale last night?? Criminy! I hated the ending. It's still kind of making me mad. Also, um, enough violence already. My kind of cop show is like, Law & Order or maybe CSI if nothing else is on. That's implied violence or maybe violence "lite," just enough so you get the idea of the crime. The Shield? Nuh-uh, man. Stuff blows up right in your face on that show. So do people. Ugh.

On the flip side, I love how Sesame Street still has some of the great little skits from the 70s and 80s worked into the new shows. This week the little cartoon stick figure girl trying to build a sand castle in the surf made me particularly happy. I'm sure some of you remember that one if you're old like me.

Daughter helped me knit my sockapaloooza socks this weekend. She helped by pulling out the needle holding the 30 instep stitches. Which were in a lace pattern. Thanks, Daughter! Sooooooo helpful! It's a good thing you're cute...

Finally, I am 11 weeks preg-o-nant today and besides being so tired I fall asleep sitting up, I feel really good. Other than that little stomach flu problem from a couple weeks ago, I've been in good shape. I cannot even describe the difference between pregnancy with morning sickness and pregnancy without. With Daughter, I was so cognizant of being pregnant from about 8 weeks because I was puking all the time, morning and night. This time I can get stuff done without being glued to the couch with crackers and ginger ale. It's kind of awesome.

That really was random, eh? Sorry for the disjointed-ness. That's just my brain this week.


Karen said...

Disjointedness? Must be in the water.

I can't wait to see the quilt!!!

HangerMom said...

The birthday party sounds perfect! Simple but nice, and not so many people that your daughter will be too intimidated or out of sorts (if she's anything like mine) so all the guests will get to see just how cute your 1 year old really is!

I'm glad to hear this pregnancy is going smoothly. Mine were remarkably easy so far, so I'm always happy to hear about someone else having a great experience with pregnancy as well.