Thursday, March 23, 2006

Another finished object I don't get to keep

This is a pillow (cover) that I just finished for the shop. The embroidery is a hydrangea (?) and I surrounded it by making a sort-of pineapple block. As I've mentioned before, I don't pick the stuff out, I just put it together. I kind of like this one, though. It's about 18-19 inches finished, which will probably accomodate an 18" pillow form. The back is just two overlapping flaps of coordinating fabric. Not exciting enough to merit a photo.


I haven't mentioned this because it didn't really seem blogworthy, but Husband and I are quite interested in selling our house. There are various reasons for this, many of them personal - one big reason being that with two babies I'll need some help from our moms and they live 45 minutes away. We'd like to get a little closer. Also we have no basement or garage which is starting to create a real storage problem (a problem exacerbated by the fact that I sew and knit, and husband is a computer-guy pack rat). Also, we have two bedrooms downstairs at one end of the house, and one upstairs at the opposite end. Right now we sleep in one of the downstairs bedrooms, and Daughter is in the room next to us. Both are quite small, but appropriate for children and child-sized furniture. We surely did not plan to have two children while living here (it was always meant to be temporary), but now we are. So we're facing a dilemma as to bedroom arrangement. As it stands, the new babe will have to be in with us...which will be cramped, but we can't put new babe in with Daughter till we've achieved sleeping-through-the-night consistently. I'm not dealing with TWO children waking up 4 times every night. Anyhoo, Husband and I could move upstairs, but then we'd be a mile away from the kids, separated by the front door and the kitchen (read: burglars/kidnappers and potential for fire), so that's not an option right now. We'd love to expand the first floor to make room for all of us to be comfy, but hahaha, we have no money.

Point is, we want out.

We tried to sell last fall, but had no takers. The problem is we can't really afford realtor fees so we had to jack up the selling price to do so. Which totally made the house over-priced. We are thinking of trying to sell on our own with America's Choice (so we'd get advertising and a company behind us, but save money).

I also have to mention that the area in which we live has NOTHING. I think there are two churches and a hardware store but that's all. You have to travel a serious distance to even hit a convenience store. Grocery shopping? The mall? It's a half-day experience by the time you drive there, shop, and come home. BUT! The whole point of all this rambling is that Hub and I feel we got some great news last night. There was a blurb in the paper indicating that the company Hub works for will be developing this old, burnt-out plaza and making it into a SUPER Wal-Mart, along with a bunch of other retail. This old crappy plaza is only a few miles up the main road from our house. Hallelujah! God has answered my prayers and is making this area attractive! I mean, I kind of loath Wal-Mart, but a hee-yooge new shopping plaza where you can get everything can only help us sell, right?

Please tell me I'm right so I can keep doing my happy dance.


HangerMom said...

I don't really know whether the super new shopping area will help much, but I can't imagine could hurt. Mostly I was just amazed when reading your description of your home and how similar our living arrangements are. We have two bedrooms on our upper level (which is the main level of the house) with a third in the basement. But we can't really put our two year old in the basement all alone for a million reasons. So our baby was in with us for almost four months and then we moved her into our older daughter's room. The shared room thing definitely has its hassles (like earlier mornings since as soon as one wakes, they're both up) but we've made it work pretty well.

So I hope you can sell your house (I wish we could - same realtor fee issues) but if not, take heart! I can offer plenty of anecdotal advice on babies sharing a room :).

jennie said...

wow. where you live sounds a lot like where i live -- i'm a thirty minute drive from a grocery store, not to mention two hours to a movie theater, three hours (more?) to a coffee shop, yarn store, or bar. but i just rent... have hope though -- there ARE people out there who choose this kind of lifestyle and want a nice house to go with it.

also -- tried to post yesterday to say that your quilt is lovely. i've been wanting to learn to quilt (esp. now that I'm living in the mountains, where it is done regularly) for years, but my sewing machine is broken and while the idea of hand-quilting is appealing, hand piecing makes me want to scream.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and also thanks A LOT for the firefox to IE suggestion for posting blogger photos. I'll try that next time I'm struggling to get stuff up. or i'll just quit blogger and learn how to code (unlikely).