Friday, March 10, 2006

I'm Baaaaaa-aaack

Hi! Hello there! I'm not dead! Which is a marked improvement over the past week or so, when I'm pretty sure I was, in fact, dead.

Do I still have readers? Or did you all decide I was never coming back?

Hot Knitting Action
Well, the amount of knitting I accomplished between Saturday and yesterday could be most accurately summed up as "zero." But I was feeling better yesterday so I got Secret Garden back out and worked a few more rows.

The color isn't too bad here

I made a mistake, though. And I was too tired last night to try fixing it. I missed a couple of yarn-overs on the last right side row. I know I can drop down and fix them, but not with tired brain.

see? whoops.

But just because my knitting production has stalled doesn't mean there isn't an amazing new FO around these parts!

check it out! my mom is awesome!

This is a little cotton cardigan from a Dale book - I'm sorry, I don't know which one as it's my mom's and it lives at her house. I also can't tell you what this flecked yarn is, though I do know it's cotton, and was knitted on US size 1 needles. The sweater is for my daughter, in the 12 month size. It's quite large though, and stretchy.

Look at those little stitches! I usually do more technically challenging patterns than my mom does, but she kicks my butt when it comes to actual stitch quality. Of course, she has patience, which I sadly lack. Also check out that crochet edging, which also forms the buttonholes. It's just perfect. Thanks, Mom! We love it!

Stuff that is not knitting
In other news, Daughter has made some advances over the last week or so. When I was really feeling sick I just couldn't nurse anymore so we stopped. It's been almost a week and we both seem to be fine. I also gave up on trying to give her formula because it wasn't worth the trauma for both
of us. We've been working on milk instead, and I finally got her to drink it - in serious quantity - by putting in a little chocolate syrup. I KNOW, that's not great, but please don't leave me comments about how I'm ruining my child. I use the teeniest squirt you've ever seen and will decrease it as she gets used to drinking the milk. Also, Hershey makes a syrup now that has calcium and some other good stuff in it to offset the sugar & chocolate. And I know chocolate has caffeine. Don't worry, we're watching her like a hawk for any ill effects. Right now we're just happy she's drinking.

Also, she has started rolling around and playing in her crib when she wakes up. Yes, I realize many babies do this around 4-6 months, but we're a lazy bunch. This morning I thought she was sitting up at first, until I got all the way to the crib - she was on her tummy and pushing up on her arms, so all I saw was her head over the bumpers. I know it won't be long till she's sitting and standing in there.

I also have to share this cool thing I found in Parents magazine. Daughter's first birthday is around the corner, and I have wrestled control of the occasion back from my mother-in-law (a story for another day). I had been thinking cupcakes rather than a big cake for several reasons, and when I saw this I knew it would be awesome:

Isn't that adorable?!? And the best part is it uses mini cupcakes for the petals (notice the center cupcake is normal size). I know many people don't like a big piece of cake so this will be perfect. I probably won't use the watermelon laffy-taffy for the stem & leaves as I think it'll smell disgusting. Maybe fondant? Or almond paste? Or I could probably just pipe some green icing on the serving tray. Anyway, I'm thinking with some cute coordinating paper plates and napkins I'll be all set. My m-i-l wants a big old theme with decorations up, down, and sideways...and she has repeatedly offered to buy all the stuff. But that's just not my style. Plus the kid is only 1! She won't know the difference anyway, she'll just like smooshing the cupcake.

That's pretty much all the news 'round here. My car is still in the shop as they ended up having to replace the hood. I've been sans car for almost two full weeks now and it's driving me bananas. If I hadn't been so sick this week I'd probably be crazy by now instead, just from being cooped up. But I'm not barfy anymore, and that's all I really care about!


HangerMom said...

Hooray! I missed your posts (thought I'm sure you can see via site meter that I was checking for you a couple times a day :).

I'm happy to hear about your daughter drinking milk. I tried a couple drinks for my baby and she seemed to love it, but so far I'm still nursing. I'm losing my supply slowly, though, so I'm thinking of just working a little milk into her diet rather than dealing with the formula hassle. Your post made me feel a little better.

My older daughter hates chocolate... but she does LOVE the strawberry powder for her milk (she'll drink it fine without, so it's a big treat when we allow it). I don't think there's probably any real strawberry in there, so you could compare the amount of sugar and see if that would be any better.

Last thing: cupcakes are perfect for the 1st birthday. You can give the big middle cupcake to your daughter to be all her own (to destroy as she sees fit)! For my older girl's first, I made a small round cake just for her, then made cupcakes to decorate around hers. I like your idea with the mini cupcakes even better.

Welcome back.

Karen said...

Glad you're feeling better! That sweater is beyond words.

Don't feel bad about the milk. Let her try strawberry too. The point is that she's drinking it. Just try to do a little teeth brushing if you can. Oral B makes a great little finger brush for baby's first teeth.

Welcome back!

kate said...

Thanks girls! I plan to look into the strawberry stuff as well. I have to compare the nutritional value (or lack thereof) to the chocolate.

Karen - good call, but Daughter doesn't have any teeth yet!

Jenn said...

So glad you're feeling better! I think that sweater is adorable! And the cupcakes are the perfect idea for the birthady party. I've got an overinvolved MIL too - we can share war stories!

Scoutj said...

So glad you're feeling better. And yup. You can't get rid of me that easily.

Teresa said...

glad you are feeling better, and it was just a bug. The way you decribed it, it sounded like my IBS, and that isn't a good thing. I am looking forward to my wee one's birtday party too. Not doing the whole decorations thing, but am getting her a cake, and food. Also giving my wee one lil sips of my cereal milk at breakfast she does like it so, it looks as if we are ready to go :)