Wednesday, March 15, 2006

My baloney has a first name, it's b-l-o-g

I don't know if anyone read it, but I have removed yesterday's ranting post about my mortgage woes. No one needs to read that baloney. It's not what this blog is about and it's not why you come here, right?

On to the more fun stuff.

I have a to-do list that's twelve miles long (as I'm sure you do also). On it are:

Dulaan knits. long have the Olympics been over? And this pile still waits for end-weaving. The goal is to get them all done and in the mail by the weekend.

Two baby gift basket liners that need edge stitching, two wallhangings, and a little girl princess quilt that's just begging for a steam pressing. All paid projects, for which I will get some bucks if I ever finish and hand them in.

A purdy hydrangea embroidery that I'm turning into a pillow - needs one more purple before I can finish it, but for that I'll have to go to the shop tomorrow, turn in the rest of the projects, and pick something out.

My companion for the day. I took this photo 1/2 hour ago and already that sunshine is gone. Boo! That stinks! I'm starting to suffer from lack of sun - I don't care if it stays cold outside, just give me some sunshine!

So that's wazzup around here. Also I want to note this so I can write it down later: Daughter is suddenly very much into hugging everyone and even sometimes giving out one of her trademark goopy kisses. She has developed one heck of a throwing arm and uses it to chuck blocks at the keyboard when I'm typing. Also, she has taken some stabs at spearing food with her baby fork. We are so proud!

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emy said...

Well, everyone of us gets rattled by our personal woes once in a while. If posting and sharing makes it easier for you, do so :)