Friday, April 04, 2008

mama's day off

Shhhhhhhhh...listen. Can you hear it?

Can you hear the silence?

I am home alone.

Daughter will be 3 in two weeks and I believe this is the very first time I have been totally alone in my house since she was born.

My mom picked her up this morning, took her on an adventure of some sort, and will be bringing her back for dinner. I almost don't know what to do with myself. I'm fighting the urge to do housework - though I did change the sheets and clear up all the dirty dishes - because this is supposed to be a day off for me. I've traced some patterns and now that I've eaten lunch I'll cut out some garments. I may get some stitching time in today as well.

People, Lord knows I love my child more than anything, and would jump in front of a train for her if need be...but oh my goodness, I am really, really enjoying this day.


Liz said...

No guilt :) have a great day

Karen said...

Soak it up and do only fun things. :)

Ruth said...

Bliss!!! Enjoy .....