Tuesday, April 29, 2008

family health stuff


There is no place in the baby book for "baby's first bloodwork."

According to our pediatrician, because of all the crap toys from China, it is now a NY state law that all children be tested for lead exposure at ages 1 and 2. We had Daughter tested at 1 because we live in an old house and don't know exactly what lurks within our walls. But back then she didn't know what was going on so it was only mildly traumatic (for all of us). They enacted this law after Daughter's 2nd well-check, so the doctor said we have to do the second test now.

(She also said they never see lead contamination from crappy toys in the area where we live because people are fairly well-off, as opposed to in the city or poorer areas where kids play with cheaper toys. But whatever. Due to my in-laws we have seen a few dollar-store toys enter our home, much to my chagrin. Moving on.....)

We got the order a week ago, but as fasting was required, I had to schedule an early morning appointment and couldn't get in until today. Plus Hubs had to come with us to hold her. I mentioned to her last week that she was going to have a turn at 'the lab,' which she understands because she comes with me once a month to get my thyroid bloodwork done. She didn't like that idea at all, even when I promised treats. In fact, she screamed in my face, "I don't need any treats, and I don't need any pokes!"

So I didn't mention anything else about it. This morning we scooped her out of bed, threw some clothes on, and took her to the lab. She figured we were there for me, but when we got into the room she willingly sat in the big chair with Daddy. I told her in cheerful! tones! that it was her! turn! for a test!

And she was totally cool. She hugged her favorite stuffed friends in one arm and stuck the other one straight out. Hubs held her around the waist while I held her arm straight, and the phlebotomist quickly stuck the needle in her arm while Daughter watched. She did not even flinch! Nothing! 3 little tubes of blood later and she was cheerfully showing off her bandaid to anyone who would look.

"That was a good poke, Mommy! Let's go get a donut!"

Yes, my dear. A donut, indeed. And a shot of whiskey for mommy. (I kid.)


In other news, my allergy problem has apparently left my body unable to ward off germs. As of Sunday morning I felt a cold beginning to settle in my throat. Now it's become a full-fledged chest cold with wheezy breathing and a hacking cough. I'm going to just go for the full whine here and say I feel like crapola. Really, really lousy. My nose is red and raw from all the allergy-related blowing and wiping, and the rest of the skin on my face has that tight, sore, dry feeling you get when you're sick, know what I mean? Ugh.

My OB is of the opinion that no cold medicine is good for pregnancy except for tylenol and sudafed, but they mean the junky sudafed they sell on the shelf that has no good active ingredients in it (as opposed to the good stuff you get behind the pharmacy counter where they take your drivers license, for pete's sake). Worthless! So I'm sipping hot (decaf) tea with big teaspoons of honey for my throat and coughing till I gag. I treat myself to one (1) Halls cherry cough drop per day when I figure I'm feeling the worst, because if people used to drink and smoke and still give birth to healthy babies I figure a few throat lozenges won't do any harm.

Baby is thrilled with all this coughing and is registering his disapproval with roundhouse kicks to my internal organs. I'm just praying I don't wet my pants. Yeah, I said it.



Jenn said...

I had one of those lovely colds in my first trimester - nothing helped and the crappy sudafed is a joke. And I totally understand the wetting of pants. My sympathies.

Liz said...

Sudafed is of no assistance at all.

And the wetting of the pants - the coughing doesn't help, does it? :) CHEERS for your daughter's good poke!

HangerMom said...

Hahahah! The pants wetting and the coughing. I'm not laughing at you, but 100% with you. I had the respiratory cold during my first trimester and was miserable. I coughed till I gagged and a couple of times actually threw up. I'm not totally sure if it's what helped me kick it, but when I had an official wheeze at one check up, my OB gave me an inhaler of some sort that was pregnancy safe. The cough is gone now, though I'm still congested. For me, that's just another symptom of a baby in the works, though, so I don't expect it to go. If you're interested, I can try to track down the name of the drug. In the meantime, I'm sending happy, healthy thoughts your way.


Ruth said...

I was right where you are at about this time last year ... you have my deepest sympathies.