Friday, April 25, 2008

baby gift

I've finally just about finished up this baby gift for the girl who cuts my hair (I have trouble calling her "my hairdresser" - does anyone under 50 use that expression anymore?). I bought the stuff back in February before my last cut, thinking I'd complete the set for her back then, but HA. Fate had other plans for me and my nausea and tiredness were still in full force. Luckily she still has a month to go and is still working, so I will deliver these things tomorrow at my appointment.

Sorry if this picture gives anyone certainly makes me feel dizzy. I didn't mean to hit such a strange angle. I was in a hurry because Daughter is awake from nap in her bed and I want to get this posted quickly before she's up and around. Anyway, here's the whole set. Blanket, sweater, pants.

I don't remember the pattern I used for these, but I've made them seven thousand times and posted them here. Any basic pull-on baby pants pattern will give you the same result. These are a size small, which I am hoping corresponds roughly with twelve months. The fabric is a sweet flannel print I got at Joann's during a recent sale (well, back in February, I guess). The pants are completely finished with french seams and double-turned hems/casing because my serger is currently dead.

The sweater: Knitting Pure and Simple neck down cardigan in 12-month size. I have made this pattern so many times I can practically knit it in my sleep. Just a fabulous, fabulous pattern for a little kid sweater. Yes, I know, there are no buttons. They are here in my knitting bag and will be sewn on tonight. The yarn is wool-ease in, I believe, denim. I love wool-ease for baby sweaters because it's both warm and totally easy care. Needles: US 7 and 8. The color is a bit washed out here, but the light is funny today. It's really a bit darker blue. More like...denim. Imagine that.

And the blanket. Acres and acres of stockinette and seed stitch. When I cast this bad boy off I did a victory lap around the house. SO BORING! It is supposed to be a hooded blanket but I just can't bring myself to do it. Instead it is approximately a 28" square plain blanket, enough said. This was made with one of those "pound of love" skeins from Lion Brand, two strands held doubled, knit on US 10.5 needles. It's fairly heavy and warm, but drapes nicely because of the huge needles used to knit it. I have to say, I LOVE this little blanket, but I won't be making one for my own baby. Too mind-numbing. The colorway is also denim or maybe faded denim, so it coordinates nicely with the sweater, and the pattern came right from the ball band. Easy peasy, and can I just say this? Only $5. Do you know what Baby Gap would charge for a blanket like this? Sometimes it pays to know how to make stuff.

In fact, just for funsies, the whole outfit plus blanket only cost...hang on, I'll do the math...$4 for the sweater, $1.50 for the pants, and $5 for the blanket. $10.50 for the whole ensemble!?! I'm not trying to be cheap here, but hello, it's nice to be frugal and give a fairly nice gift all at the same time. Sometimes sewing and knitting for children really can save you money (as opposed to sewing for adults, which usually breaks the bank in my opinion).

Oh, and yeah, she is having a boy. Which is lucky, because I bought all the stuff before I knew that!

Aaaaaaand, happy day, I actually have enough flannel to make these same pants for my own baby! I loves me some frugality! What color sweater should I make to go with them? Would red be too obnoxious, to go with the little lion manes? I think I have some red in my stash.....


Louise said...

This set looks great-- what a nice gift for a mom-to-be! I think red would be great, too. Little ones always look great in red.

Liz said...

my baby looks fabulous in green, so I'm going to vote for green to go with all the 'gators and leaves. :) I do like the blanket, I need to learn to knit. I enjoy crocheting so much!

Karen said...

That is a delicious shade of blue and I adore the little pants. Super, duper sweet.

Pam said...

Is orange too much? Little D loves orange. Like GAP brand orange. If you're not into orange I would go with green.

I love the pattern on the pants. It reminds me of the pajamas we wore when we were kids - the ones that were two pieces, top and bottoms and snapped together at the waist - remember those?

Ruth said...

Red! Red is wonderful!!! I love red!!!!


Sure, go with the red. It'll look great.

Paula said...

I love making and receiving home made gifts. They are such a treasure. This is really kind. It might have been that you only spend a few dollars for the materials, but your labor of love is worth a lot! Many people do not do it or do not have the skills. What joy!

By the way congratulations on your new little boy in the oven. I will pray for his safe arrival.

Many Blessings,
Paula :)

Shari said...

I think you should make several, one in red, orange and green:)

I think the set is adorable and I agree, homemade is so much better than store bought.

Morning Glory said...

Oh Kate, that's a beautiful outfit! You do such nice work.