Monday, April 07, 2008

newest frock

Ok peeps, this is going to be a fast one because it is 65 awesome degrees of awesomeness outside and my behind belongs in a lawn chair with a beverage and my knitting right now!

Newest dress for Daughter:

"Why Kate, we did not know you are Amish."

It is a bit puritanical-looking, I suppose. But it is so sweet and soft I don't even care. This is, once again, New Look 6745, size 2. The fabric is brushed denim I picked up at Joann last week (40% off sale, baby!) and I think it took about 2/3 yard or so. Very economical! I felt ok about my big $.99 splurge on the buttons after only spending about $3 on the fabric. :)

Here, the back is a little jazzier than the front:

Daughter picked out these buttons herself, and no, your eyes do not deceive you - they are different colors.

Here's a closeup:

The reason this dress is so plain-jane is because Daughter has several pairs of adorable and brightly colored tights languishing in her drawer, and I wanted to make her a plain denim dress that can be worn with all of them. This should fit the bill nicely. Despite our lovely 60+ degree days right now, we have plenty of chilly spring weather ahead before summer truly arrives, so this dress will definitely get worn right now, and should hopefully still fit in autumn.

Mmmmkay, I'm off to soak up some SUN!


Karen said...

VERY cute. Love the button surprise on the back. B has a denim dress she sadly just grew out of. It, too, was my favorite thing to pair with colorful tights and knee socks. I'll have to remember to try this next Fall.

Enjoy the sunshine!!

Anonymous said...

I was just planning on making this pattern myself. Any suggestions?
BTW- your dress looks perfect! I love those buttons. You were right to splurge.