Monday, March 31, 2008

anyone else have this problem?

I am not a very confrontational person. I have to be really upset about something to make a stink (unless it involves my kid...then I am fierce just like any of you would be). So here's the thing: I bought a couple packs of Huggies diapers last month for Daughter to wear at night. She is 99% potty-trained - we put a dipe on her at night for insurance but it is usually dry in the morning.

A few weeks ago I was doing the laundry and I noticed a funny shadow-like discoloration inside a light-colored sleeper. A nice, soft, sweet CARTER'S sleeper, which I fully intend to re-use for a future child and possibly pass on to family or at least charity when we are done with it. I unzipped it to see what was what, and the whole bottom area of the sleeper had a greenish cast to it.

The diapers I had purchased are printed with green ink. They have Winnie the Pooh designs on them, but the majority of the ink is green. It is rubbing off all over Daughter's pajamas. I have since checked her other sleepers and the flannel pjs I made her, and they ALL have green bottoms now. This is not an issue of a wet leaky diaper, because as I said, she has been waking up bone dry. This is obviously an issue of defective ink or something on Kimberly-Clark's end.

What the .....?!?

So I wrote to them. Oh yes I did. I filled out a comment form and I said, as politely as possible, that it will be a cold day in hell when I buy their diapers again, as I don't want all our baby clothes to be ruined. Who wants hand-me-down baby clothes - even those in perfect condition - with green bums? YUCK.

And yes, I have tried OxyClean, spray pre-treaters, Borax, and a couple of different brand-name detergents, all to no avail. The sleepers and pajamas are stained and that's that.

I would love it if they would send me a stinking check to replace the 4 pieces of ruined sleepwear, but who wants to bet they just send me a bunch of coupons for more Huggies?


Karen said...

oh yeah. you're so getting more coupons.

do you have costco there? i swear by their diapers now. even better than huggies and pampers.

and how much do you want to bet that someone from Huggies finds your post and responds?

Liz said...

I hope you do get a better response from them than just coupons. That would be so disappointing.