Friday, January 12, 2007

stick a fork in it

Ok, peeps! I'm really doing it. I'm finishing stuff. Ok, so far I've only finished one thing, but still...

Scary Bunny Quilt
Approximately 52"X42"
Started Summer 2003, Finished January 2007 (sad)

I call this the Scary Bunny Quilt because those faceless bunnies freak me out. This is a classic example, to me, of a cute pattern and pretty fabrics that just should NOT be put together. The original pattern picture (no, I don't recall where the pattern came from) featured this quilt made up in sweet vintage fabrics, with a very country look. But we had just received these fabrics in the shop where I was working, and I had the genius idea to make this bunny quilt with them. I kind of hated it as soon as I got the bunnies ironed down (they are fused with Heat 'N Bond lite, then appliqued around the edges). I suppose that's why this has been shoved in a bin for almost 4 years.

I did manage to get it sandwiched with batting and backing, and I basted it together way back in '03. This week, I finally quilted and bound the dumb thing. And the quilting is HIDEOUS. I really did a crappy job, but I DON'T CARE! It is finished! Now it gets thrown in the washer and dryer (LOOK AWAY QUILTING PURISTS - yes, I machine wash and dry my quilts with regular old detergent) and it will be the back-of-the-car emergency blanket/beach throw.

Still lots of projects (sewing, knitting, and oh my goodness I forgot about cross-stitch and embroidery) but every one I finish is a step towards doing something new and exciting.


Jenn said...

Yay for finishing!

Karen said...

Awesome! You are the woman.

Those bunnies kind of remind me of the giant wererabbit in Wallace & Gromit.

*Cheryl* said...

Dammit..I like the is really cool!! Way to go!!

Pam said...

Is it just me or are those bunnies the exact colors of those little mint discs you always seem to find at weddings and baby showers??

Congrats on finishing!

Teresa said...

LOL, I kinda like the quilt too.. wondering if it is a St. Louis metro area thing.

HangerMom said...

I can see the scary side of that. There was once this giant faceless bunny head statue in my office building and it terrified me, but that's a longer story for another time.

Nice job finishing up, especially on something you didn't love.

April said...

You are speedy gonzales! :)