Thursday, January 25, 2007

actual knitting content

People! I am so high on DayQuil! Aiyeeeeeeeee!

I have taken advantage of this state to finish something. Here is the cable pullover I've been working on for Daughter:

Pattern: Aran Family Child's Pullover from Knitting the New Classics
Yarn: Patons Classic Merino in denim, almost 3 complete skeins
Needles: US sizes 5 and 7
Started just after Thanksgiving 2006, finished 1/25/07

Modifications: The pattern calls for worsted-weight yarn and sizes 4 and 6 (US) needles. If I'd used those sizes this sweater could stand up by itself. Sizes 5 and 7 gave me a satisfactory fabric quite close to the stated gauge, though for an oversized style like this, I wasn't too concerned with being spot-on. Also, I blocked this out a bit bigger than the schematic called for, to open up the cables.

This was a pretty decent pattern - my only complaint is that the schematic for the child's version was incorrect. I couldn't find any errata information online, but it seems to me that when the directions tell you to knit a sleeve until it is 10" but the schematic indicates the finished length of the sleeve to be 6.75" there is a problem. Do any of you have this book in your library? Can you confirm this issue? Perhaps it was corrected in other printings, I don't know.

As for the book, all I can say is that one person's classics are another person's Bill Cosby 80s throwbacks. Most of the sweaters in this book are HUGE and many have that Cosby look we so 1987. If you are still fond of that style, well, grab a jello pudding pop and get knitting. Otherwise, I'd say check this one out from the library or borrow it from a friend for the 2 or 3 true classics within. Someone gifted my mom with a copy, and I'll be returning it to her now that I've made this sweater.

Argh, my cough is coming back. Time for another dose o' DayQuil.

Sorry for the glare in the photos. Hubs installed a new chandelier-like light fixture over the kitchen table yesterday and it shines with the light of a thousand suns. We'll be getting some lower-wattage bulbs very soon.


April said...

You are cable-knit queen. What was it like to knit with denim yarn? or was it denim-colored?

April said...

forgot to say... LOVE the pinky sockies!!!!! you made for Karen. Fabulous!!!!

*Cheryl* said...

LOL...I just got home from the grocery store and guess what they had...1987 PUDDING POPS!! THEY ARE BACK!! Then I came home and read your blog, too funny! Gotta get Daughter some pudding pops! Just dont have her wear that BEAUTIFUL SWEATER while eating them...

Pam said...

Love the sweater!!!

How's the grey one you were knitting for yourself coming along?

kate said...

April - it's 100% wool - the color is called denim.

Cheryl - GET OUT OF TOWN! I loooooooved jello pudding pops back in the day. I want to go to the store RIGHT NOW and see if they have some!

Pam - OK, jiminy cricket, ok. I'm getting there! Stay tuned...

Caren said...

The sweater is SO pretty!!!

I hope you & Daughter are feeling better!

Heidi said...

Hi, I came over here from the (where you are nominated, don't know if you knew that yet)
Andyhow, this is a GORGEOUS sweater. Wow!

I was thinking of trying knitting (you know, something simple) but this is something to aspire to be!