Tuesday, January 02, 2007

knitting in the new year

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Our tree came down a couple hours ago (boy, is Daughter going to be disappointed when she gets up from her nap), and the house is back to normal. Well, normal being the messy, cluttered, disorganized space it usually is, just sans large fake evergreen.

I rang in the new year with Dick Clark and a sock.

Does that sear your retinas or what? It's Knitpicks yarn, and the color is Zinnia, I think, but I don't have the label nearby. I'll give you the details when I finish the other sock.

Also knitted during the holidays:

The front of Daughter's new sweater. The back was finished up a few weeks ago, so I'm almost there. Time to get going on a sleeve!

And speaking of sleeves:

I could get going on a blue sleeve, but what fun is that when I could start something new? Actually, I like to have different gauge options to choose from when I knit, so this is a new sweater in a sport weight yarn for Daughter (the blue one is worsted weight). I know, my goodness, she might freeze to death unless I keep knitting more sweaters! It's a sickness, people. I admit it. At least I am getting into larger sizes so they will hopefully fit her for more than 5 minutes.

Anyway, it's a Debbie Bliss design, I'm pretty sure, and this is a sleeve. The cuff is extra long because it's meant to be turned back.

But it's not all knitting all the time...we do all kinds of stitching here in the Buff:

This is a quilt that's been haunting me for 2 1/2 years. I pieced it in the summer of 2004, but then got pregnant and proceeded to barf for months and months...not really conducive to quilting, you know? Last year I got all ambitious and machine quilted the major intersections, so it is at least being held together by actual thread (the pins are sandwiching smaller sections so they don't shift). However, I HATE machine quilting with all my heart and soul. Wrestling this sucker through my machine bed is the WORST. One of my dreams is to be able to afford to have all my quilts professionally quilted some day.

So I am hand quilting this thing.

Go ahead and look up "insanity" in your dictionary. Yep, that's my picture you see.

I stink at hand quilting, but the only way to get better is to do it, right? So that's what I'm doing, and I hope to have it done by summer...ish. Or thereabouts. Or something. It's roughly a bit smaller than twin-size. Crikey. Wish me luck.


Pam said...

I have the same relationship with hand quilting - hate it! My mom has one of those extremely cool quilting attachments for her extremely cool sewing machine. You know, that wooden long arm thing that you can roll the whole quilt up into and then just move one little piece and it puts whatever pattern you want on the quilt top? Amazing. She did one quilt top which incorporated all the names of the grandkids into the design. She totally rocks. Yup, I'll be shipping all my quilts her way! Your quilt is beautiful - you always do such nice work.

Karen said...

As usual your knitting makes me drool on my keyboard. It's going to short out one of these days.

And the quilt. Ooooh, the quilt. Someday I will learn to quilt. Darn that Pam for moving away before I could get a few tutorials.

Sigh. . .

Morning Glory said...

Every time I come to your blog and see what you're knitting, I just marvel at what you do. It's all so GOOD! You have an amazing skill.

I love the zinnia color of those socks!

April 1930s said...

Love the cables... wow - oh - wow... what Debbie Bliss pattern is it? I dreamed of knitting a Debbie Bliss pattern for a would-be-daughter someday (when I didn't have one)... now time is passing by so fast and I haven't even started!

Teresa said...

no, Insanity is hand sewing a medieval dress because THAT makes it more period. No, I didn't do that, but know somone who did. She said none of her other garb will ever be THAT period again.