Monday, January 22, 2007


First things first: washing that vaporizer stuff out of hair is practically impossible. It's oil-based. Baby shampoos are gentle. So unless I want to break out the Lava soap, it will just take repeat washings to get it all.

Daughter is feeling much better. Her sinuses are still congested, which I can hear in her little voice, but her eye is clearing up nicely. We have to put drops in 3X each day, 2 per eye (both eyes are treated even though only one was goopy). She's pretty good about it, and we've turned it into a counting game: 1-2-3-4. I put one in and say, "there's one, what comes after one?" And she says in a sad little voice, "twoooooooo." So we do drop number two and I cheer and praise her, then we go on to what comes after two, etc. Usually she throws in "all done? all done?" before we're finished, but we get all the drops in eventually.

After scrubbing pink liquid antibiotic out of the light beige carpet twice, we finally learned that we have to physically push Daughter's mouth shut after we shove the medicine in so she will swallow it. Otherwise she holds it in her mouth, then lets it all dribble out. Sweet. (Edited to add: we have tried all the the cheek, etc. No dice.)

Hey, we are new to this parenting-a-sick-kid gig.

And now, for more fun and excitement, I am sick as well. It figures. My throat is raw, my neck is sore, it hurts to move my's hoping it's just a cold and not strep. Of course, if it is strep I can get a medication. But I don't like to take antibiotics, so I guess I'm hoping for a regular cold after all.

I did do some knitting before I started feeling funky over the weekend. I'll post some photos tomorrow if I can lift my head. For now, it's back to the couch. After I put in yet another Sesame video (thank you, Childrens Television Workshop, for making so many Sesame videos).


Ann-Marie said...

one tip i can offer regarding giving meds--put the medicine in the side of her cheek.
by the time she tries to swish it to the front to spit it out, she's likely already swallowed it.
works for me every time.
hope she's better soon!!!

*Cheryl* said...

Ok I can see you rolling your eyes on all the "suggestions" to try but I cannot leave without sharing mine and it doesnt have to do with medicine. Something that isnt TERRIBLY ROUGH on a kiddos head to remove ANYTHING oil based (paint, vicks, tanning lotion, etc) is Dawn dish detergent. Just watch the eyes. Dawn is a god send to oily crap kids love to put in their hair. (it will also fade a bad dye job when self dying had magenta hair...oops!) I dont even HAVE children (yet *pou*) but am a school teacher and dammit we do know some tricks!!
Hugs to you and Daughter! SUUUUUUUUUNNY DAY....

kate said...

Thank you, Cheryl...that is hilarious! I will make sure I keep some Dawn on hand from now on!

Karen said...

This will probably sound mean but a few years ago when influenza was taking out people right and left the young lad Cool contracted a doozy of a case. His medication was so freaking expensive we felt like we were handling the Holy Grail at dosing time. The child had to swallow it or face paying rent at the tender age of three.

Anyway, it took two of us to do it. I found that if Hubs pried Cool's jaw open wide enough for me to wiggle the dropper in and squeeze but NOT withdraw the dropper which would allow Cool to close his mouth and spit it out then he was forced to swallow it before he could commence screaming again, which was terribly important to him. It sounds horrific but it worked. And he got well. The end.

Anne said...

Well, I suppose that at least the vapouriser stuff in her hair will help to clear her sinuses... (I know, I know - go away Pollyanna!)

Pam said...

Really, this whole cold thing has been really terrible this year. Peanut is sick yet again. She just can't seem to shake it.

We all need some sun and warm weather!

April said...

Try blowing in her face as she's taking the meds. Sometimes that will help make her swallow. ?? I know it works for little babies.

So sorry you are sick, girly. So, so, so sorry.