Wednesday, September 27, 2006

see? i told you i've been sewing...

Finally! Here's the sewing I've been working on. Neat projects, really bad photos. I am blaming that on the light being wrong - it's really bright outside so everything looks all washed out.

Quilt top and pillow - your eyes do not deceive you, those are ruffles. The pattern calls for gathered strips to be incorporated into both the quilt and the pillow, and they have been the bane of my existence for lo these many days...I mean really, do you know how hard it is to maintain precise 1/4" seams with a big ol' ruffle?? IT'S REALLY HARD. Other than that, these were no biggie. Simple piecing, easy peasy.

Coordinating window treatment - please imagine this hanging in a window rather than chucked on my family room floor. It is supposed to be anchored to decorative "medallions" by the ties, and of course it would require some zhoozhing* to hang properly. Essentially they are 2 giant rectangles of fabric that are sewn together with fabric ties inserted at each end, but on opposite sides of the rectangles - that way when it is hung, you tie up one side, then pull up the other tie and get the twist. Like magic!

There are 2 of these to go with the quilt and pillow. And I am so happy they are DONE!! Now I will get some money** to buy Christmas presents, hooray!

That's not where the work ends, however. I also have 2 oak leaf applique wallhangings to make for the shop but I think I deserve a break to work on personal projects. I have denim for a little fall jumper for Daughter, and some baby gift stuff to complete. There will also be knitting to show very soon, as I've been working on a cotton cardigan for Daughter. Knitting with the cotton hurts my hands and wrists, though, so it's slow going. Stay tuned.

And just because she's so darned cute, here's a photo of Daughter from our trip to the park this morning:

*You know, zhoozh. Like how the Queer Eye for the Straight Guy people adjust sleeves and stuff, to make them look right.

**For those who don't know, I used to work at a Bernina dealership/quilt shop, and now I sew store and class samples at home.


Pam said...

I'll bet that ruffle took some serious time! I have done it before, but not in that quantity. You have a far greater attention span then I do:)

Love the overalls. Just something very innocent and timeless about a pair of denim overalls on such a little person. I love that.

tam said...

Your sewing is lovely...dreaming of having that kind of talent as I peruse the photos!

Your darling Daughter...oh how I yearn for that tiny 2 year old body of my now tiny 8 year old...Your pics of her are so similar to my girl...I adored this age! (It's just as good now by the way but harder for her to fit in my lap!)

"Grandi" said...

ooo - That is sooo pretty! You said "pattern" - could you tell me how to find it? I love the look - I'd like to make one!

Rebekah Smith said...

Your work is beautiful. I am just learning to quilt and hope to continue to improve. The pictures of your daughter remind me so much of my (now 18 year old) when she was younger. What a gift our children are.