Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Thanks for the nice comments about my cutie-patootie child. Yes, I predict she will be knitting as soon as we can make her understand that the pointy ends don't go in your eyes...or anywhere near the face for that matter. Also, yes, she is getting big. So big. She is turning into a real "kid" now and leaving babyhood behind.

Some of you have also commented and emailed checking on me and my emotional state. Welp, this is a tough week. All the stuff on tv about 9/11 is so sad, and of course Tuesday marked one month since baby Beth was born. That's hard...very hard. I also finally spoke to a bereavement nurse from the hospital (they have called several times to check on us and I keep missing the calls), and she told me the baby's photos and plaster foot impressions are in. So in a couple weeks we are going to get those. That will be tough too. Nothing about this situation is easy, but please know I am doing ok. Not great, but ok. Your comments, emails, and prayers are still (and always) appreciated. It is so comforting to know that people are thinking of us.

My old boss came through with work for me, and I am now buried under a mountain of sewing. Not that I mind - it keeps me quite busy and will result in a nice paycheck.

I do have lots of thoughts rattling around in my head, but don't want to constantly hit all you nice people with a barrage of sad/bitter/unpleasant stuff. You've been so nice and I don't want to wear out my welcome. I'll probably be away for a few more days what with all the work I have to do, so that will give me time to gather myself together and return with something that makes sense.


Karen said...

Kate, hit us with whatever you need to. That's what friends are for, even cyber-friends.

I'd love to see what you're sewing and knitting.

Lots of thoughts and prayers for you.

tam said...

Oooohh a "mountain of sewing" that sounds like fun (cause it isn't my boring old repairs!)

What is it that you used to do for your "old boss"? And what does that mountain of sewing amount too?

Garments, blankets?

Ditto Karen...Let out any and all you want's your place and you can't wear at your welcome at your own home!

Pam said...

Would love to see what you are working on! Post pictures when you feel up to it.

It all makes sense by the way. You write as if you are having a conversation with all of us face to face.

Teresa said...

Kate, write what you need to write. This is your space, your personal web log. We are just (honored) guests here. I think of you often, and want to "hear" from you as often as you feel like it, good or bad.
YES, lets see the pictures of the new projects. :( on them being paid ones though.. I know that it takes the fun out of it, somewhat.