Tuesday, September 19, 2006

let's lighten the mood a bit

Well. I feel awfully naked after that last one. I don't even have an appropriate response to the kind comments and emails I've received, so I won't try. I just thank you for reading it and sharing in my experience. It wasn't my intention to upset anyone - I know there are people who have gone through the same or a similar experience. And I know the tone I used might not reverberate with everybody out there. But it's how I have to speak (or write) about it to get the words out. In fact, I find that blunt honesty is my best way to communicate my feelings these days. Once people hear what happened, they feel really bad and also awkward, because they don't know what to say or how to express their feelings toward me and my family. So when they ask how I feel I just tell them. I say, "it sucks...it's the worst." And people visibly relax, because there it is. It sucks, they know it, I know it, we all know it.

I don't know what else to say about it right now, and I don't really feel it's appropriate to launch into yapping about my projects after what I've just said, so instead I'd like to give you something else that's nice to read and look at. I love these girls because they calm me and inspire me. Their blogs are well written, filled with joy and heartache (but mostly joy) and the photography is stunning.

Knitting Iris - fantastic photos. She blows my mind every day with what she sees through the lens. She also does beautiful knitting and crafts with her adorable kids.

Soule Mama - if you don't read her, you totally should. She captures the best pictures and stories about her three beautiful children, and her crafting is wild.

Wee Wonderfuls - I just came upon this a week or so ago. Beautiful everything at this site. It knocks me out and makes me want to craft till my fingers fall off.

Posie Gets Cozy - just go there and look. Amazing. Inspiring. Beautiful.

Hook & Needles - If you sew, this blog will wow you.

Yarnstorm - again with the beautiful photos. Jane knits and quilts and bakes and paints her house in fantastic colors. She also keeps hens in her garden. I think that's neat.

Please note these are just a few of the bazillion blogs I read each day. There are many, many more and they are all wonderful, but these really stand out for me and reading them has helped brighten my days in the last few weeks. If you don't already visit them, you might want to.

Interestingly, these are not the people who "know" me. I figure all you sweet people who come here and comment have probably already checked each other out. You know who you are and you know that I read you. The links above are outside my "circle" of blog "friends," if you know what I mean. I just lurk around them because I like what they make and do.

I'm off to the sewing machine. Lots to do.


April 1930s said...

Kate, you needn't apologize atTALL for your last post. Despite the sorrow I (we) endured while reading your post, it actually brought me joy - not happiness, but joy. The reason is because it is the only thing I can do (even if I were in proximity to you)... to read, hear, empathize (a little) with your pain and intense grief. No words can *ever* be said to comfort you, but crying *with* you ~ seeing where you are really at... not giving you platitudes or phrases of cliches, but having a glimpse to your hemorrhaged soul makes me COMPLETELY grateful to you and to God for allowing me the opportunity. What a blessing YOU are to me. So, yes, it does bring me joy (Godly joy) to weep with you. Continue sharing. I will continue to read.

Kristi said...

Kate - I agree with April 1930's. No apologies necessary for speaking from your heart and sharing yourself and your pain.

Thanks for the fun links - they look like a good place to spend some time.

Take care and always remember this is your blog and you get to say/write whatever you want/feel/need.

Karen said...

I'm with the other gals. What you wrote was intense and emotional and I totally understand that feel naked but strangely therapeutic feeling.

I'm looking forward to checking out your links. I'm always happy to find something fresh to read.

Take care of yourself. Keep talking. I'll keep coming back.

tam said...

Ditto what the girls above said.

You have a gift of being able to get out what is in your heart and tell it in a way that can move people.

Whether it's joyful or sad. That's what life is all about.

(can't wait to see what all the sewing is about!)

Could I give a plug about what I'm doing? I'll wait for permission first though! I hope you'll like it too!

tam said...

Went and visited the ladies you profiled...they do have really amazing sites!

Thank you for referring to them!

Pam said...

oh my gosh! Those sites are amazing - Wee Wonderfuls has some of the best quilt patterns I've ever seen. So cute, but simple too. Thanks for the links!

Keep on going. We are all still praying for you.

Rebekah Smith said...


It was so brave and so kind that you shared your thoughts and feelings. You have helped more people than you will ever know. I so enjoy seeing your latest projects on your Blog.