Wednesday, February 07, 2007

can't think. brain frozen.

Friends, you're going to love this. I wore the legwarmers today. For real. It was eleventy-billion degrees below zero and we had to go grocery shopping. I bundled my poor child up in her snow pants and boots and heavy coat; it only seemed right that I should be bundled as well. So I pulled on the legwarmers under my pants. They were rad! I was quite warm. To give you an idea of just how freezing it was today, I wore a hat. I never wear a hat - I am as vain as the next girl and I don't like the coiffure to be smushed. Not that I technically have a coiffure...but still. You know what I'm saying.

Luckily Hubs came through with the snowblower last night. His best friend helped us pick it up (with his truck) and they stood outside making the appropriate manly noises, blasting the snow. We have a tiny driveway and a front walk, and it still took them an hour and a half to clear it all. It's a good thing it works so well and Hubs likes using it, because now I'm not getting a new mattress and box spring for a long, long time. Darned homeownership. Costs too much.

I took advantage of the cold weather to put Daughter in her new sweater. When I originally knit it, I bound off the neck too tightly, which seems to be a trend around here. I don't know what my problem is...I have to remember to do a stretchy castoff from now on. I fixed it last night while the men did their thing outside, so she wore the sweater today.

Hallelujah, it fits!

Also of note: the sun is shining! It's not snowing!

That is all.


HangerMom said...

That sweater ROCKS! Too cute. I need to learn to knit before I have any more kids. Or at least find more friends who know how :).

And I hear you on the hat. The curse of curly hair is the inability to don a hat and ever take if off attractively.

Morning Glory said...

That's an awesome sweater! I'm always amazed at the talent you have.

Ruth said...

Have you ever used Zimmerman's sewn cast-off? I just tried it for the first time (on a pair of toe-up socks) and it's wonderful ... really stretchy and very pretty.

Pam said...

Seriously, you make the most beautiful sweaters! Absolutely love it.