Thursday, February 15, 2007

my funny valentine

Do you have moments like I do when you wonder if your spouse knows anything about you? Moments when you think perhaps he has been asleep for a large portion of your marriage? Because how could he not know that you hate onions on your sub, don't like rose-scented things, dislike bubble baths, and no, this shirt is not new, you wore it on one of your first dates...

...but then your faith is restored when he shows up after work on Valentine's Day with something like this:

Coffee ice cream (which he hates so I never buy it), orange chocolate milanos for which I would sell my soul, Ghirardelli dark, dark chocolate with orange and hazelnut, and le petit ecolier cookies in dark and super dark chocolate. People, not only does he know me, he knows me well. And it is all for me, me, me. Well, ok, I will share. It would be kind of gross to eat all this myself. So who's coming over? I'll put the kettle on. Wear boots, it's really snowy out.

Sorry the blog has been wholly uninspiring lately. The truth is, between Daughter and I being sick and the general malaise of February, I haven't been too creative. Drunk on the excitement of finishing a sweater for myself, I started another and it's coming along. Photos when I get a bit further in the pattern. I have managed to get a couple sundresses cut out for Daughter:

I want to get more garments cut out before I set up the machines, but I've run out of pattern tracing material and need to hit Joann Fabrics for more. I haven't set foot in a craft/fabric/yarn store yet in 2007 and I hate to break the streak. Once I go in ugly things might happen and I've been so good using stash and saving money...but if I'm going to sew more summer clothes for Daughter I'll have to be strong and just shoot straight for the cutting counter. Wish me luck.

To answer April's question from the comments yesterday, ten years ago I was "studying abroad" in Australia, which is code for "going to the beach every day." Haha, just kidding Mom and Dad! I was studying hard! (Ok, not. But I made dean's list and that's good, right?)

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HangerMom said...

Oh man. If I thought my vehicle could make it through your snow (and I wasn't at least two days' drive away, I'd so be there for tea and that stash of chocolate. That's a very good husband, indeed!

And the sundress fabric is fantastic. Maybe I should get on the ball and make the girls some dresses for this summer. I'm going to have to go back to your old posts and remind myself what the pattern you use is... unless you want to tell me again :).