Friday, February 23, 2007

summer look #2 and an SRI

Summer outfit number 2:

1-2-3, 4-5-6, 7-8-9, 10-11-12 ladybugs came to the ladybug picnic!
They had 12 sacks so they ran sack races
And they fell on their backs and they fell on their faces
Ladybugs 12, at the ladybug picnic!

Ok, I'll stop.

This is, of course, the ubiquitous jumper.
New Look Kids #6578, size 2 but adjusted to the size 4 length
Fabric: According to Daughter this is "Ladybugs, mommy!" from Joann Fabrics

I like this fabric but as with much of the stuff on the wall at Joann's it is flimsy and thin. I hope it
holds up after being washed a bunch of times. When the fabric is only $3.99 per yard you know it's not going to be the best, but oh well. Also, I biffed when deciding how much to buy. Silly me, I forgot I'm not buying fabric for the wee tiny size anymore. I asked for 3/4 yard but it turns out that wasn't enough for facings as well. I found a yellow fat quarter in my stash that was starting to fade, so I put it to use as facing. I often use a contrasting fabric for the facings of these little dresses, but I prefer to do so with a solid fabric and a print facing. This was a solution born of desperation, but I think it's ok. Here's a closeup:

The facing is just a lighter yellow with white stars. I don't love it, but anything darker would have shown through this flimsy fabric. Oh well, it is what it is and I'm happy with the dress. Sheesh, I could make these in my sleep at this point. And there are 2 more cut out and ready to be stitched! Obviously I have a problem. I was thinking about why I'm so obsessed with making all these cute dresses for my child and it occurred to me that I'm bracing myself for her to turn out like me - after about the age of 4, getting a dress on my body was darn near impossible. In fact, in all my first communion photos I'm wearing a very pretty dress and a very un-pretty scowl. In almost no photos will you see me wearing the veil, oh heavens no. It was jeans and a ponytail or pigtails from just past toddlerhood until...well, until now, I guess. I'm still not a huge fan of dresses. So I guess I'm afraid the day will come when she'll refuse to wear little adorable girly things and I have to get while the gettin's good.

And I seriously hope she grows in the next 4 months because all this size 2 stuff is looking hy-ooge.

Oh - I know there are no buttons on the straps yet. I think this dress demands either biggish ladybug buttons, or if that's overkill perhaps large black plastic circles would be cute. Something a tad over-the-top to go with that outrageous yellow. I'll have to think on it.

While making the pants outfit on Wednesday, I gave myself a sewing related injury (SRI). My sewing machine has an AC motor and when you push the pedal it doesn't start as smoothly as the computerized electronic machines with DC motors. It kind of 'jerks' to life, but I'm used to it and it never bothers me. I was preparing to start sewing a seam and lining up my fabric with my foot resting on the pedal, and the silly thing is so sensitive that a tiny bit of pressure from my foot sent it into motion. The needle bar came slamming down on my left ring finger and took such a chunk out of the tip I couldn't even believe it. It wasn't the needle itself (though I have stitched right through my fingertip with an embroidery machine...I don't recommend it), it was the actual needle bar with the apparatus that holds the needle in place. Holy expletives, batman. It really hurt. And bled! Whoa. So let that be a lesson to you - keep your foot off the pedal till you're ready to sew. Accidents happen. Ouch.

Knitting News:

Firth's front has a friend:

I finished up the right front last night (you can see what blocking does for this pattern). Due to my SRI, Thursday was kind of a loss. We went to Grandma's house and hung out because I couldn't sew or knit much anyway. My finger felt better last night so I went to town on this piece of my new sweater. Hubs kept telling me it was time for bed, but I stayed up till midnight to finish. If I don't get to do any crafting during naptime, I feel all unsettled at night, so I stay up too late doing my thing. Dumb, because I'm super tired in the morning, but whatever, that's what coffee is for.

I hope to finish up the sleeves over the weekend, and the back early next week. Will this be ready to wear on March 1? I just know you're on the edge of your seat. Well, I'm hoping it will be done. Have a lovely weekend, all. I hope it's warming up wherever you are. We're finally making it back into the 30s and the chunks of ice are slowly melting from our gutters. Still 3 feet of snow in the front yard though. Bah!


HangerMom said...

Thanks for the pattern reminder on the jumper. I am definitely making some of these this year. I even love the simple jumpers over a long-sleeved onesie or t-shirt with jeans on underneather in the spring/fall. It's a cute, fun look for a little person.Thanks for the pattern reminder on the jumper. I am definitely making some of these this year. I even love the simple jumpers over a long-sleeved onesie or t-shirt with jeans on underneather in the spring/fall. It's a cute, fun look for a little person.

HangerMom said...

Sorry - not sure what happened there with the doubled up post...

Ruth said...

Such a pretty jumper! I love the ladybug print.

I used to stay up late knitting, too, but haven't been able to lately. My productivity has gone way down.

Morning Glory said...

Oh Kate, come over and take a look at today's post. I made a little girl skirt out of that ladybug fabric. It's just adorable and so is your jumper!

Karen said...

Man I love that dress pattern. It looks cute in any fabric and any size. The facing looks great.

I don't know why it's so fun to see other people's projects but it really is.

Sorry about your finger. That sounds so painful!!!

Teresa said...

LOVE the outfits... maybe red buttons with black dots? Could take a paint marker to plain red buttons.

Bizzikid said...

I can't wait to see the dress with ladybug buttons...such fun! Your sweater is turning out sooooo wonderful! I too stay up to finish that row, or color or whatever. I need that sense of accomplishment to complete my day! Happy stitching!

Caren said...

If that dress came in "grownup" I'd so wear it to my wedding. It's soooo cute!!!