Wednesday, February 14, 2007

hot kool-aid

Ten years ago on Valentine's Day I was floating on my back in the Indian Ocean, roasting in the unbelievably intense Australian sun, slathering on the sunblock, laying on the sand, scooting back into the tepid water when I couldn't take the heat any longer, and laughing at the folks back home who were shoveling snow.

If you've been following the national weather scene, you know, as I do, that there is such a thing as karma.

In honor of V-day, I am dyeing some yarn red on my stovetop. The kitchen is filled with the stank-nasty aroma of hot kool-aid. Mmmmmmmmm.

Happy Valentine's Day to you and yours.


Pam said...

ugh...I can smell it now:)

Happy V-Day anyways:)

*Cheryl* said...

Warm kool-aid...cherry? I bet that smells good! Hope you and Daughter are having a good day...has our snow made it to you yet? Everytime I see your area on the news you pop into my head! If it isnt there yet, brace is a WHAMMY!
Happy Valentine's Day Kate to you, Daughter and Hubs!

HangerMom said...

Studied abroad, eh? My experience was rainy cold London. If I'd heard about the beach scene, I might have given Australia more thought...

I've never smelled hot kool-aid, but the phrase "stank-nasty" makes me almost curious enough to try it. That cracked me up.

Happy Valentines!

Karen said...

Stank-nasty. Hmm. I think we may have called a girl or two that back in high school. In my immature not as nice years.

April said...

So, what was 10 years ago? Your wedding? A single-and-lovin'-it rendevous to Australia? Do tell, my friend - that sounds so fabulous!

Kool-Aid, huh? Really? That works? Sooooo, lanolin(sheep sweat)tropicalpunchkoolaid would be the aroma in your kitchen. Yeah... I'm sure that qualifies for stank-nasty. :)