Monday, December 18, 2006


Wow, I'm psyched to have gotten so many responses to the question I posed. It sounds like everyone has their own "thing" when it comes to gifting one's spouse, but most people end up putting something under the tree. I think we never really outgrow that thrill of unwrapping a box, especially when the contents are a surprise.

As for us (since some of you asked), we generally do a rather specific list for each other, though in the past we've put the money toward furniture instead. In recent years (since buying a house and having a kid and lots of medical expenses), we've made short, inexpensive lists. This year we were lucky to get a refund from one of my medical bill payments that allowed us to purchase more and better gifts for our families than we otherwise could have afforded. For ourselves, well, I only
wanted one thing but it turns out I can't have it*, so I don't know what Hubs is going to come up with. He actually neglected to give me a list this year, so Daughter and I went to Old Navy and just bought up a storm. Have you all shopped there this holiday season? The bargains are astounding! He's also getting a giant bag of Starbucks coffee and a big bag of chocolates (mint Hershey kisses because WHERE ARE THE MINT M&Ms THIS YEAR???) in his stocking, because we never splurge on that during the rest of the year.

So that's that. Nothing too special. I was just wondering how everyone else does it. As an interesting follow-up, what are you actually getting your spouse for Christmas/Hannukah/whatever this year?

So I am driving a rental car this week. Hubs finally got around to making an appointment with the body shop to fix the damage caused by the woman who merged into his passenger side last month, but I ended up making the phone calls and actually going to drop off the broken car and pick up the rental. Grrrrr.

The weird thing is, I haven't driven a car, or a new vehicle at all, in YEARS. I drive a 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport. Basic model. Cheap-o because 2001 was the last model year and the dealership was trying to unload the 4 or 5 they had left. It has power windows and locks, and 4WD, but that's it. No cruise control, no CD player, no power seats, etc., etc. And I adore it! I plan to drive it until the wheels fall off, a la The Blues Brothers.


This afternoon I slid into the driver's seat of a 2007 Pontiac Grand Prix. This car has everything.
It's all fancy and digital and it smells new and it's just...fancy. I mean, a Grand Prix isn't the creme de la creme of cars, even, but it makes my Jeep seem like a crummy, tired, dirty old toy. Because Hubs got the last new car, I get the next one, but that won't be for quite a long while. And I'm ok with that because we can't afford a new car right away anyhow, but wow. I could really get used to driving around in a swanky new car.

The only problem is, I could barely reach to get money out at the ATM, and when I hit the drive-thru for a coffee, I couldn't see over the counter. I'll be happy to get back in my Jeep when Hubs gets his car back (I am driving the rental because I hardly go anywhere, so less risk of damaging it. Plus, it's fancy and swanky and new and I want to drive it, so there).

My 20 month old daughter answered the telephone today.

Thank goodness it was her grandmother on the other end.

Speaking of Daughter, she has been going on the potty every day for almost a week. Today she went before nap, stayed dry through her nap, went again after nap, and then went again after dinner which blows my mind. People, she turns 2 in April. Could we be in big-girl pants by her birthday or am I just a sucker for being excited? Stay tuned!

Sorry, this post isn't very interesting, and there aren't even any pictures. Wait, hold on, I'll show you a preview of Christmas Dress '06:

Don't mind my leggies there in the background. This was during Christmas Photo Shoot attempt #1 (a total failure) when I was trying to herd my child toward the Christmas tree. This was the first time I had the dress on her, and I am in love with it. I am wild for long dresses on little girls (none of that Shirley-Temple-ruffled-behind-sticking-out stuff for me, thanks), and this fits the bill perfectly. The pattern was a pain in the rear, but I am so happy with the result. I can't wait to get her dressed up for the actual holiday. Wait, what am I going to wear?

*The thing I want is a cedar trunk that I have only seen at Joann etc. stores in my town. I love it because it's the simplest thing you ever saw, and I want it to protect all the wee sweaters my mom and I have knitted for Daughter. When she becomes a mother I want to be able to just pass on the whole chest of knits to her for her babies. Anyway, we went to get it yesterday with a coupon and the dumb thing is already on sale for Christmas. Joann used to let you use the coupon anyway, but you'd get the discount off the regular price. Well they don't do that anymore. Poop! The sale price doesn't fit our budget. Maybe I can have it for my birthday when it goes to regular price and Hubs can go back with another coupon. Stupid Joann etc.! Stinkers!


Jenn said...

That stinks! I swear they put those things on sale just so you can't use your coupon. They seem to have a sixth sense about it. Daughter's dress looks awful cute from the backside!

Ruth said...

I love my cedar chest (which has a story behind it ... email me if you want to know the details). I hope you can get yours soon ... perhaps in January?

Daughter's dress is adorable. I'm with you ... minimal frills or furbelows on little girls, please. I like pinafores. (I'll admit to being a complete and total sucker for smocking. Her Ladyship wore a lot of smocked party dresses.)

I got B a copy of "Gotham" for Christmas, and am crossing my fingers and praying that he doesn't run out and buy it for himself between now and then.

HangerMom said...

I can't say what I got my husband yet, because every once in a great while he checks over here to see what's up (I kept him up to date on your happenings through our evening prayers, so he checks in some, too :). That's how he found out what I was getting him last year - when I asked you where you'd gotten your teapot!

Anyway, I love the longer dresses! I accidentally bought a mislabeled 5T for my 3T girl a couple weeks ago, and when I put it on her, I LOVED it! It was a jumper, so it didn't have sleeves to worry about, and it fit her long like your daughter's Christmas dress. I'm seriously considering shopping bigger for now, because I don't like her little bottom peeking out. Especially now that she's out of diapers.

Pam said...

Old Navy rocks! I hit there last weekend and got so much for so little. Love that store! Great time to stock up on school clothes for the kids.

Have a Merry Christmas! May it be filled with endless cups of Starbucks and mint chocolate kisses:)

Pam said...

I almost forgot - Congrats on the potty training! I think she's got it down. So far, 3 of my 5 were potty trained before they were 2 years old, so I'll bet she's done! Way to go and no more buying diapers!!! Hey, you should put that diaper money towards your cedar chest:)

tam said...

Your girlies dress is darling!!! Is it cordouroy? or velvet?

Big time congrats on potty training...

April 1930s said...

You must get a cedar chest. Must, must, must. It's where I keep my children's outgrown garments that I have knitted. Sometime I'll photo them just for you. Anyway - I love opening that chest and seeing them all neatly folded. (amidst wedding stuff, too) So, I hope the chest goes back to regular price so you can buy it - HA! ;) And, I wanna see details of that ever-so-darling dress! Love the shade of green you chose, too...

Hubs is getting a rather large Gift Certificate to Cabela's, and some fancy schmancy tools for the remodel on the garage. (I hope he doesn't read the comments I post on other people's blogs.)

April 1930s said...

Oh my word... forgot to say how much I really enjoyed seeing your memoir ornament. Tam gets a dove ornament every year in memory of their little one in Heaven. Her kids know that's "Georgia's" memory ornament. I'm so glad you have one, too.