Sunday, December 03, 2006


I was all psyched to say "Kate's Christmas Sweatshop is now closed for the holidays" but alas, I forgot I have one more gift to stitch up. The fabric is being washed right now. But, I am happy to report, I finished three gifts this afternoon:

Flannel pants for Mom and sisters.

Pattern: McCall's Easy Stitch & Save # M4136
Size: one each of small, medium, and large
Fabric: Flannel, with elastic and a twill tape drawstring

This pattern stinks. The measurements are from outer space or something. I grabbed it off the rack on a day when Daughter was starting a hissy fit in the shopping cart so I couldn't examine it too closely, but the finished product came out like clown pants, for pete's sake. They are humongous. I am almost embarrassed to give them to my sisters and my mom - I don't want them to think it's a comment on their size or anything! I mean, I understand lounge pants should be comfy and loose, but these are just silly. If you have this pattern or you happen to buy it, be aware you might want to make a smaller size than you would normally. That was my experience, anyway.

Oh well, they are now wrapped and ready to go. Along with all this stuff:

I'm rockin' and rollin' and it's only December 3rd! I've been wrapping things as the orders arrive on my doorstep so I don't have a mountain of stuff sitting around all month. If the gifts are wrapped and tagged, they won't get misplaced and/or forgotten. Unfortunately, all the gifts are going to have to live on the dining room table until Christmas, because if I put them under the tree I'm sure Daughter will take care of unwrapping them in short order.

Speaking of the tree, we did not get one today. We left the house too close to lunchtime and Daughter got very tired very quickly, so we only got one errand taken care of before returning home. I'm off to order one online. That is how much I dislike shopping at Christmas time...we are taking our chances online ordering a tree from Home Depot so we don't have to actually go anywhere. Sad, eh?

Got to run...I can smell the lasagne so it must be just about done. A warm, yummy meal on a cold, yucky night!


Ann-Marie said...

oh crap i just bought that pattern.
seriously, the 2nd pattern i have ever bought in my life.
i'm really glad you posted this, now i can beware!!!

Teresa said...

If I could afford it, my gifts would be mail order. HECK, most my shopping would be, except my pants, cause those are just too hard to fit. SIGH, most of my gifts this year fall in theese catagories 1) hand made stuff 2) dollar store trinkets 3) pics of Lil Bit 4) stuff that I already had new in the box bought other years.

Ruth said...

You can order Christmas trees online? Will wonders never cease.

Karen said...

i bought that pattern last year and I HATE IT for the same reason. Balloon pants. They're horrible. I still have yet to find a good pattern for lounge pants though so I keep using it against my will.

kate said...

Teresa - there is nothing wrong with that at all. Believe me, our gifts are nothing extravagant! We have a really tight budget and many of our gifts are homemade.

Ruth - it's a fake tree. :)

Karen - seriously. MC Hammer, anyone?