Wednesday, January 18, 2012

shop talk

Have I mentioned that I am always shocked - shocked, seriously! - when I get an order for a diaper soaker? I've sold many at this point but still, I'm always so surprised and flattered when I get an order. (Self-confidence problem? I guess so.)

As soon as I get an order, I start to knit. Like, within the hour. Once someone has paid for something I put major pressure on myself to get it out as soon as possible. I've been very blessed with orders since Christmas, so I've been knitting soakers non-stop. Today I'll be shipping these:

And then taking a few days off from knitting. My hands are sore! Maybe some sewing? Or reading? Or just relaxing and drinking a big cup of tea with a generous squirt of honey to beat back this sore throat (yep, still sore). 

Then I'll be pulling wool from the yarn bin and starting again, restocking the shop. Thanks to all who have ordered! More to come...

(By the way, that is my PROM mug in the photo. It says [my high school] Senior Prom, "If You Leave", May 27th, 1994. I am such a huge dork.)