Friday, January 20, 2012

a little sewing

I felt like doing a little sewing today. But what? Nothing major...not a garment or a quilt top or anything large or long term. Just a quick fix.

I've seen some cool improvisational quilt piecing around the internets, so I thought I'd give it a go. I have, ahem, a few scraps laying around. I used some old Sulky stabilizer I've had for years (back when I bought it I thought it was something else...probably interfacing, I didn't know much at all about sewing at 23). It's on a roll, and is 8.5" wide so I cut 8.5" lengths to make squares. Then I started pulling little scraps out of the bag and stitching them down. You just stitch, trim, flip, press, repeat, until the whole square is covered. It's paper piecing, but randomly rather than following a printed pattern.

The jury is out. Do I love these? Or do I hate them? Or, possibly, do I love the idea but I'm just tired of looking at the same fabric scraps for 10+ years?

I learned the hard way to press between adding pieces. It's a fairly quick process to make these, but difficult for me because I'm...what's a nice way to say it? Let's go with "fastidious."

I was definitely outside of my comfort zone here, but that's good, right? It's good to stretch yourself and learn something new. 

Maybe I'll make more. But this was enough for today. I got my little sewing fix and it felt nice. Now for a little coffee fix...

Have a good weekend!


Ruth said...

I like them.

Karen said...

I like them, too. A whole bunch.

And pardon the doofy question: why stabilizer?

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