Tuesday, January 31, 2012

birthday and some socks

Whoops, didn't mean to disappear for a week. 'Twas a busy one, though...the usual daily stuff plus my (gulp) 36th birthday and the attendant celebratory activities. I got a new vacuum from my husband, and lest you think he's a horrible gift-giver, I asked for the thing. We've been getting by cleaning our area rugs with a canister vacuum, which I thought was ok, but now I have a bagless upright with spinning brush and let's just say I'm really sorry if you've visited my house and sat on the floor in the recent past. Blech! (I recommend that vacuum if, like me, you have no wall-to-wall carpet, only area rugs over hardwood...I don't think it is heavy-duty enough for anything more.)

"The kids" got me silver hoop earrings which I've been trying to drop hints about for years. Yay!

And we had ice cream cake, and my parents took me (and AJ, we're a package deal) out for lunch on my actual birthday, and then Hubs and I got to go on a date with another couple on Friday night! Woohoo! My awesome parents took the kids over night so we got super wild and went to...Olive Garden. I know, we are total party animals. It was so good, though. I ate myself into a food coma. Then we came home, watched TV, and fell asleep. Which, for my money, is a good birthday. I didn't have to read bedtime stories, fetch glasses of water, or take anyone to the potty. Good deal.

Today it is 50 degrees (!) and I feel restless. It looks and feels like SPRING! But it's January 31 and I'm no dummy. It will be back to cold, snowy, dark winter in a day or two.

For a little brightness I pulled out some fun sock yarn last week:

This is Joann Sensations "Bamboo & Ewe" yarn in what they call the pink/red pattern colorway. This photo is washed out, I couldn't get it to look quite right even with editing. The pink is very bright in real life, and those gray-looking stripes are really lavender. I'm pleased I was able to make them match so closely. There's quite a bit leftover, too, so I will make socks for Daughter.

What to make now? I need to make some more soakers. I would like to work on a stalled shawl but the rows are very long now and I need quiet and good light, both scarce just now. There's a big bulky fisherman sweater started in my basket but that's not calling to me either. Hmmm. Off to search the stash and see if anything catches my eye.....