Thursday, June 09, 2011

over the top?

Still clearing out the WIPs this week...Hubs went to a concert last night so I took the opportunity to finish up another project.

Daughter and I were in Joann's about a month ago when this fabric caught her eye, and we simply had to buy it for AJ. We had to, HAD TO I SAY!

Ok, it's a bit.....loud. But come on, he's 2. It's fine to be this loud when you're little, right? He desperately needed some summer pajamas, too. Serendipity, methinks.

This has become a favorite in my pattern collection. I've made 4 sets for Daughter and now 2 sets for AJ. I'm not so into the fussy collar on a set of pajamas, so I always make the collar-less version. Also, pockets? On pajamas? No thank you. We go simple around here.

Anyway, they're size 2, and use about 1.25 yards of 44" woven fabric, so they are fairly economical. I used 4 bright yellow plastic buttons from my stash o' buttons to save some money and a trip to the store. Also, that shade of green does not exist in any thread collection (trust me, I looked!) so I used up a spool of limey green, which blended in surprisingly well. Ah, it feels good to use something up. Actually, I've used up several spools of old thread lately that kind of matched, rather than buying new spools for new projects as I used to do. Sometimes good enough is good enough!

I can't believe I'm making size 2 pajamas for my son. Looking back at those old posts with projects for my wee Daughter blows my mind. Today was her end-of-kindergarten concert and party! What?!? How can it be?

I'm outta here before I get verklempt.


HangerMom said...

Totally NOT too loud for pjs. Have you seen the stuff they sell in stores? And good call on no pockets. I'm forever mocking the tiny clothes my children have with crazy pockets. I bought some Old Navy jeans for Peter (7 mo.) the other day, and celebrated the fact that the pockets were fakes, for once. Cause it's so ridiculous! My brother-in-law used to joke that every baby needs a place to store his collection of tiny chokeables.

Wow. That was a long comment about nothing. I get carried away.

Karen said...

"Collection of tiny chokeables"-- so awesome. Kind of like grippies on the bottom of newborn socks, lol.

I love that fabric, Daughter did well.

Mrs Lemon said...

ROFL about the tiny chokeables AND the grippies on the newborn socks. haha! maybe the grippies are so the shoes stay on? :)

I do that too, about the thread that looks the least bad :)