Friday, June 03, 2011

more skirts

I blew off all my normal household duties yesterday (except for feeding children and changing diapers) in favor of a sewing mini-marathon. With only a few stops and starts I was able to complete two more skirts for my summer wardrobe.

This first one I've been referring to as my "Pier 1 bedspread" skirt because it reminds me of stuff we used to buy there back in the 90s. Not sure if this is a hit or miss fabric-wise, but I think it works with either an ivory or brown shirt.

(Waistband is straight in real life...the hanger distorts it!)

I chose the fabric for this next one because it has several shades of pink and red on a black background, which gives me lots of shirt options. I should have fixed this photo, as it's a bit washed out.

These are Simplicity 2226, my new favorite go-to skirt pattern. It's awesome. Both skirts took two yards (with about 5" leftover if you cut the pieces close, as I do). I used quilting cottons from Joann's. Each also takes one 7" zipper. The only other notions required are thread and a bit of interfacing for the waistband.

For the 3 skirts I made, I only had to purchase one zipper as I had some on hand. For the butterfly skirt I used a vintage zipper in the wine-red color of the darkest butterflies. It was purchased by my grandmother probably at least 40 years ago, based on the packaging. The zipper tape is a lovely soft fabric instead of the stiff poly used now, and flexes beautifully. I wish they were still made that way.

So, yay, I have new clothes! It's always so fun when a pattern actually works out.


Louise said...

Cute! Being short-waisted myself, I'm on the lookout for this pattern. The finished skirts are similar to one that I already own, so I hope they work out for me as well as they have for you. Happy weekend.

Karen said...

those are adorable!!

HangerMom said...

Ooh! I like it. I have some fabric on hand that I'd intended to use for a skirt for myself (I bought it about three years ago, and have never gotten around to making one). I may have to try out this pattern.

Mrs Lemon said...

I really love the first one - cute sandals, cute shirt of many styles (button down, cardigan, yada yada yada) = go to summer outfit

Jessica said...

I just bought this pattern, can't wait to try it out!!!