Thursday, August 16, 2007


Does anyone have a suggestion for how to get a 2 year old out of the house in the morning without it taking 1.5 hours? I mean, from the time I say, "we have to go to the grocery store" to the time we are actually in the car has turned into basically the entire morning. Daughter used to be so agreeable and compliant...and now she is 2. Why am I thinking I would actually like another child someday when I can't even get this one into her sandals and out the door without drinking 3 cups of coffee and psyching myself up for war?

I'll tell ya', I'm dreading fall and winter, which will involve seventeen more steps of dressing before we can go anywhere. That alone might be reason enough to move to a warmer climate. Mental note: talk to Hubs about moving.

ANyhoo...I promised some sewing so here we go:

I have a tendency to find a pattern I like and beat it to death, as in the case of a certain jumper, and this is no exception. Here we have 3 more sets of pajamas for Daughter. Left to right: blue broadcloth (cotton/poly blend) from stash, short sleeves, trimmed in green baby ric-rac; white 100% cotton tone-on-tone from stash, short sleeves, trimmed in pink baby ric-rac (thank you, April); and finally white flannel with tiny pink and green dots, long sleeves, no trim.

The two lightweight cotton sets are for summer, of course, and the flannel are for winter, to go with the Sesame Street ones I made a few weeks back. Sorry they are all wrinkly, but she has been wearing them, and the flannel ones were folded up and stuck on a shelf to wait for winter. I swear, I do press my stuff when I sew.

This is Butterick 3109, size 2. The only real change I made, besides adding trim, was to replace the buttons with snaps. My mom gave me her Dritz snap setting tool and whatever snaps she had laying around, so I used those. A word about the Dritz tool - if you look it up you will find many, many nasty reviews. I'm here to tell you that this tool is AWESOME, and I think the only reason people give it negative press is because it is very easy to use it incorrectly. If you take your time and really set it up properly, it will work fine. And it's much easier and safer than hammering the snaps in. My mom didn't have the back of the package anymore, so I had to look up instructions. Really good ones can be found here. I think I will look into using more snaps, including decorative ones, when I can get away with it. Much easier and quicker than making all those infernal buttonholes and sewing on buttons.

I've got a few more things finished or almost finished, just no photos right there you go, a reason to come back tomorrow!


Karen said...

those flannel pj's look so cozy! love the baby rick rack, very dainty.

Morning Glory said...

I don't have any advice on how to get her dressed, but maybe if she didn't have such cute jammies, she wouldn't want to stay in them.

You are SO talented!

Ann-Marie said...

hmmm is there anything in the car that she likes to do that is fun?? fun music, fun games??
does she like the grocery store???
if you can use the "if we get to the store we can see the..or we can buy the (insert treat here)" that might work
my son's problem is that we are in a routine of going for our walk after his nap every day.
today we had company and he was beside himself that we couldn't
"go for walk now".

HangerMom said...

An hour and a half on a good day. If I decide to actually FIX her hair? Don't get me started. I'd love any great ideas to get moving and out the door faster. It seems ludicrous it could take so long, but it does.

So no ideas here, clearly. Just commiseration. :)