Thursday, March 27, 2008


This week is threatening to pull me under, but I wanted to pause and at least show Daughter's Easter dress in action. Sorry these pictures are somewhat crummy, but 3 year olds don't tend to be still for long. I did my best!

Here's the front:

I found last year's slip in her closet and I was psyched that I didn't have to make a new one, until I put it on her Easter morning and remembered that it comes up too high at the neck. Sticks out of every dress she owns (because I just used a jumper pattern to make it....duh). Don't mind that alien arm thing, please. Also note the yarn in the foreground. There is always knitting lying around somewhere.

Here's a view of the back, sort of. Like many kids, my child is extremely musical and LOVES to bang away on the piano. Anyhoo, the buttons down the back of the dress are the same pink as the ribbon.

At no point in the day was I able to get a full shot of the dress from the front, but I will try again another day. She was so cracked out on candy I could barely get any shots of her at all. She was whizzing around like the Tasmanian devil. Thanks, Easter bunny! She really needed 4 - count 'em 4 - Easter baskets. Fan-freaking-tastic.

Mmmmmkay, now I have to pay bills (if I can unearth them from the piles of crap on the counter), iron twelve thousand shirts, clean the floors before the dust bunnies attack, scrub the bathroom as the crud in there is achieving sentience as I type, procure toilet paper before we have a crisis, and prep & cook a chicken for dinner. It's already 2:45. Awesome.


Louise said...

The dress is beautiful. I'm having one of those days, too-- not enough time! Probably should get off the computer...

Pam said...

If you come scrub my bathroom, I'll make the chicken?!