Tuesday, March 11, 2008

an almost finished garment

I tried several times to write this post yesterday, but Blogger refused to accept pictures so it had to wait until today.

Also, wow, how did a whole week go by?

Anyway, I've been working on Daughter's Easter dress a little at a time, and it's mostly finished:

It has no buttons right now (just pins holding it together down the back) and that ribbon is not attached - I just wanted to see what it will look like.

Here's the back:

I wanted to hang it up for better photos, but Daughter was sleeping when I took them and it wasn't worth trying to sneak into her closet to get a kid-size hanger. So it looks nicer when it's hanging up or being worn, but you get the idea.

Last night I got her to try it on and she looks adorable in it. I picked just the right size and it fits well. Hopefully during today's nap I can get the buttonholes made and sew on the buttons. Then I just need to somehow affix the ribbon to the dress - crochet loops at the side seams, maybe?

It does need a slip of some sort (I chose against lining the actual dress). I got some batiste at Joann's last week (and is it me, or did Joann's used to have nice, 100% cotton batiste but now only a cheesy cotton/poly blend?), so I will probably make both a ruffled half-slip and a full slip to see which looks better. A full slip might be wise as it's still wicked cold here.

It feels good to get something (almost) finished.


Karen said...

it's so cute! i love the sash.

i bought some of that crapola blend batiste for B's underdress and it's not fun to work with- frays like crazy.

Liz said...

I love the colors in this fabric! What color shoes will she sport?

Ruth said...

So cute! She's going to look darling.