Thursday, March 13, 2008

little stinker

Today we were playing with Daughter's pegs. I made a pattern in one row, and she copied it. She found this to be great fun. One time she made 3 perfect copies, then just stuck the pegs in any old way on the last row.

Me: Sweetie, that's not the same pattern. What 'cha doing?

D: Oooooohhhh. That's wrong. (Takes pegs out.)

Me: It's ok, try again!

D: I don't want to make a mistake again! (Makes growly noises of frustration.)

(Discussion ensues regarding the nature of making mistakes vs. just mixing things up.)

D: Ok mommy, I will try it again! (Proceeds to quickly stick all the pegs in exactly the right places.)

Me: Hey, were you mixing them up on purpose?!?

D: Hahaha! Now I'm doing it right ON PURPOSE!

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