Wednesday, February 13, 2008

playgroup 'n stuff

So have I mentioned that we're still doing the Wednesday morning playgroup? I must say it has grown on me, and I really like the woman who runs it. Last session (in the Fall) I was so in love with it because Daughter made a little friend who we then met up with at the playground some days, and her mom totally rocks. She's a lot like me and I don't meet many women who are a lot like me. She even looks kind of like me. Weird!

But she went and had a baby just after Thanksgiving and didn't bring her daughter back to playgroup this time. Something about not wanting to subject a newborn to freezing temps, or whatever. Pffffft. I see how it is.

They will be back in the Spring session, she said, but by then Daughter will be 3 and likely moving up a group, and her daughter won't be 3 till August, meaning they will miss out on 2 entire sessions together. Poop!

The current playgroup isn't wonderful, but it's bearable. There's a sweet girl and her daddy who came back from last time, and an adorable little shy boy whose mom is very nice, also from last time. And there's us. Everyone else is new and some of them are...odd. Like the older mom of boy/girl twins who brings grandma along - I guess because both children together are too much to handle? And the boy? Totally plays in the toilet.

What's up with that?

On the very first day this little dude raced into the bathroom and started splashing around in the wee potty. Is that, like, a common thing? I have truly never seen a child so psyched about playing in toilet water. Eee-hew.

And I always wonder about the couple who come together with their daughter each week. I find it interesting that neither one of them seems to have to, you know, go to work. Oh well, I'm sure they just have a different schedule. Still, I wonder about people. Don't you?

There's one mom who's really cool and funny and inspiring...she's a bit older than me and has 2 bio children and several foster children that she has adopted or is adopting. She brings the youngest, currently being adopted, to playgroup. I love this kid. He has maybe the cutest little face EVER and he's a force of nature. Not even 2 yet and you just can't stop the kid. Plus, last week we ran into each other at McD's and totally just looked at each other and laughed over the kids' happy meals. Ah, kindred spirits.

So, you know, it's ok. We keep going back.

Story hour is pretty corny, though. That's Friday morning. We'll see what happens there this week and perhaps I'll report on it. Ay-yi-yi.


IN OTHER NEWS: we got the memory foam bed!!!!!

Enough people said it rocks, go buy it, don't wait, it will change your we bought one. It came today, as did the platform, and we assembled it all just after dinner. Tonight I will be hopefully having the most glorious night of sleep EVER. At least that is what I've been promised. I'll definitely report back on that one.


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Karen said...

Other parents are such an interesting study, don't you think? I remember analyzing people based on their pillowcases at our childbirthing class.

Glad that the bed came! I can't wait to hear about it . . . I would totally understand if you are still sleeping.