Thursday, February 14, 2008


Whoa, yesterday was my 400th post! Wow. 400 posts and not one interesting/important/relevant thing to say. I sure can prattle on about nothing!

First things first: the bed.

It is awesome.

Daughter was totally into helping Daddy put it together:

"Here, let me help you with that support beam."

Problem is, then she wants tools just like Daddy. So we give her a screwdriver with removable tips...and we remove the tips:


Why no, I don't comb her hair. Thanks for asking.

Le Bed:

Why yes, my bedroom is the size of a closet. Obviously, this shot is a lot nicer a) in daylight and b) when the bed is made and stacked up with colorful pillows.

I wish I'd taken a photo of the mattress as it arrived at our house. It was a rolled up tube about 15 inches across. I was petrified that when we cut the straps it would just be a limp little army-cot looking thing, but shazam! It explodes right up into a 10+ inch mattress! Very cool. The frame, if anyone is interested, is a solid pine platform. It's raw pine, which we may or may not stain in the warmer months. For now it smells fantastic...but then again, I like the smell of fresh-cut lumber. Your mileage may vary.

The bed was supposed to be our Valentine's gift to one another, but Hubs had apparently already ordered these before we decided on the bed:

So pretty. He also included a little teddy bear for Daughter, which blew her mind when it was delivered to our door. I told Hubs no flowers and we decided a long time ago to declare a moratorium on any new stuffed animals coming into the house, but I guess I can't always be a scrooge. And besides, Hubs told me, "I never get you anything for Valentine's Day because we're always saving money, and I'm starting to feel like a real a**hole for ignoring this holiday!"

Daughter, who hadn't even heard of Valentine's Day until last night, got into the swing of things with this beautiful Valentine for Daddy:

Totally her own design - I just put the glue where she told me to. Right now there is enough glitter all over my kitchen floor for about ten more Valentines, but it was so worth it. She can't wait for Daddy to come home.

And finally, apropos of nothing, I was thinking of the little blessings that appear sometimes when you least expect them. Now that we've finally purchased the new bed, we'll be tightening our belts for a month or two to recover, so not much fun stuff is in the pipeline - no new yarns or fabrics for me.

But one of my mom's best friends has just moved away to a warm climate and brought all her yarn over for us to take what we wanted. There were lots of partial skeins of stuff I didn't need or want, but this sang out to me:

It's 2 full (and one partial or possibly full) skeins of Tahki Twiggy Tweed. It's a pretty mushroom-y brown color with flecks of gold and rust and blue. I've never heard of it before, but it's quite rustic and pretty so I figured I'd try to make something of it.

Anyway, just a nice thing to happen considering I don't have funds to be yarn shopping at the moment.


Quick announcement: I finally finished up a size 3 apple print jumper for the shop, and hope to have several more items up before next week. Please do check it out. Karen's sewing machine must be smoking...nay, on fire!...with all she has been making. Her stuff is selling fast, go take a look!

**Edit: Just below this post, the same post title is appearing. I had a problem publishing the first time...thought I'd lost the entire post, and now I'm scared to try deleting that for fear I'll lose everything. Sorry about that...please just ignore it!


Karen said...

That yarn is divine. I cant wait to see what you cook up with it.

Cute, cute jumper!

Glad the bed is comfy. Do you use regular pillows with it or the coordinating tempurpedic ones?

Ruth said...

Your Hubs totally rocks.