Monday, August 13, 2007

making good on my promise

When Elizabeth died, we were given absolutely beautiful things for her to wear. The hospital has an extensive bereavement program, and along with a full set of professional photos, a memory box to hold everything, locks of hair and hand/foot prints, and a plaster casting of baby's feet, the family is given a handmade hat, booties, burial gown, and bonnet. She was, of course, buried in the gown and bonnet, but we have the knit hat, booties, and wee blanket. I can snuggle them when I am sad, knowing she was wrapped in them.

Last year I promised I would make some items for other families, to repay the kindness. My mom jumped in as well, and in honor of Beth's birthday, we are ready to send off a small package.

We have 6 wee hats, a wee blanket, and 4 pairs of tiny socks. It was desperately important to me that my baby's feet be covered, though I can't explain why. So I made these dainty socks in 4 different sizes, because, tragically, babies are stillborn at many different stages of pregnancy. To give you an idea of how small this stuff is, that blanket is 13" square.

How can those tiny socks possibly fit a baby?

These are the second smallest socks I made, along with the plaster impressions of my baby's feet. Heel to toe they measure about 2". Unless you have experienced it, you can't imagine how small a baby is at 31 weeks. So I am pretty sure someone will be able to use each of the sizes I made.

These will all be mailed to the hospital today. And I know I said this last year, but it bears repeating. If you are someone who likes to knit, crochet, or sew wee baby items and you are looking for a recipient of your work, please consider contacting a local hospital and asking about their bereavement program. It is an immeasurable comfort to a grieving family to know their baby is wrapped in beautiful handmade things.


Pam said...

Such sweet little feet.

The words have escaped me.

Karen said...

Her little feeties, so sweet.

Your gifts are beautiful.

Ruth said...

What precious wee feet.

You've made some beautiful things.