Friday, August 10, 2007


Hubs was away on business this week, so Daughter and I went and had an extended slumber party at my parents' house. They have central air, which we were happy to enjoy, and it was nice to have other people to help me out with my wee 2 year-old force of nature. 4 days alone with her might just have taken me down for good. I love her more than anything, but my word, how many tantrums can one mother bear?

Thing is, we left the house all sealed up in the roughly 90 degree temps. And while we were gone, something, uh, died. In my dining room wall. There is some serious decomposition going on and we can't find it. Now, as I've perhaps mentioned once or twice or twelve thousand times, we live in an old house in the boondocks, so we do get a mouse once in awhile. We've even had a couple pass on. But usually they do so right out in the open. This little bugger seems to have hidden in the freaking wall before meeting his end.

Oh, and our bedrooms are right off the dining room, so...mmmmmmm. You may commence feeling sorry for me now.


Karen said...

Maybe it's something bigger like a racoon! Cool.

Morning Glory said...

Eeewwwww. Good luck tracking it down.

Ruth said...

Ugh ... grOSS. Hope you track it down soon.

FairyGodKnitter said...

Yuck. In our two former homes we had things do this too. Once it was squirrels in the attic and then it was birds in the bedroom wall. Sorry to say that both times involved a bit of demo work. That moisture/odor remover called Damp Rid works well.